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I’ve loved joining in with Lingerie Is For Everyone, I think Violet has created something awesome and I very much hope to see more of you joining in soon. When she asked on Twitter what theme we should have to celebrate week 20 I put my vote in for ‘Comfort is Cute’. It was a selfish vote, I love cute things I knew the kind of images I wanted to share for this week.

I know 100% that some folks will not like these images. They will probably divide opinion more than the full nudity or ones where I’ve engaged in needle play. I don’t have a little side in the way we discuss it within the kink community, but I do have little tendencies in many ways and I’m really happy when I’m indulging in them.

I’ve had numerous people ask me what the ‘unicorns and glitter’ things is all about. I’ve been asked if I know I sometimes dress like a 5-year-old. The saddest part of that question for me is the use of sometimes, I wish I dressed like that every day. I’ve had people query the FemDom thing in relation to the cute thing. Trust me when I say being cute and FemDom works like a fucking charm.

I’ve also had people ask when I’m just going to admit I’m a little. Honestly, that might happen one day, who knows. I’ve told Bakji on numerous occasions he’d be a great Daddy Dom, so never say never. Right now though I just enjoy certain things because they feel good. It truly nourishes my soul to revel in unicorns, Harry Potter, My Little Ponies and oodles of stuffies!

I am comfortable being this way and I am brought comfort by being this way and I think that fits in perfectly with the ethos of #LingerieIsForEveryone, so thank you Violet for the opportunity to share with folks.

I’m not scared to


I make no apologies


This Is Me – The Greatest Showman

8 thoughts on “[Photography] This Is Me

  1. This is adorable! I have a pink elephant named Ephalant. I do have a little side and pet does a wonderful job of indulging me even though he isn’t a Dom.. that he knows of lol

  2. I am most definitely not a little but I LOVE my Teddy and wearing girly undies and little white socks. There is something comforting about them, they feel nice to wear and yes I feel sexy in a playful way, in them too. So yay for cute and comfy!


  3. The ‘cutie’ things may contrast strongly with your femdom side, but I get it.
    I have no little side, but sometimes ‘dinkie’ things have an appeal to me too – perhaps because I was too busy rushing to grow up (when I was a kid) to properly indulge in/enjoy them. There’s no harm in saying “I’m like that, but I can be this too!”
    You look sexy in an underplayed way – Bravo.

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