[Photograhy] Boobs, Bottoming & Beasting It!

I had another post planned for today but when I saw Hyancinth’s #Boobday announcement I changed my plans. I didn’t have a boobday picture in mind, so I vowed to keep my eyes out for an opportunity as my day unfolded. Perhaps not an easy task to set myself as most of my day was to spent out and about with my small human, my Dad and his girlfriend!

I managed it though, I saw a pretty graveyard and wandered off to take a picture of it and noticed that I was concealed behind a wall. While I have a long way to go to match the outdoor flashing skills of some of my fellow bloggers (Modesty Ablaze instantly springs to mind for this), I did manage a sneaky cleavage picture hidden away from view.

After a week of parenting and very little Floss time I put on matching undies and waited for Bakji to arrive having dropped the little one at his Dad’s/.

Bakji and I have been discussing how he’d like to Top more and I’d like to bottom more. This is after all how our dynamic started and it still has a lot of enjoyment to offer us, despite our mutual love of FemDom.

I had a great even but am left pondering what an awkward bottom I am these days. It takes much longer to get into that mindset and I struggle against it the whole way and usually find some way to Top again towards the end. Luckily Bakji is understanding of my plight and agreeable to the midway switch. I do however feel like there is some work to be done on my end because I would love to get back to that place of relaxed bottoming.

This is definitely something I need to think about more and I’ll be blogging about it once I have some answers for myself. I love writing about FemDom but I don’t want to ignore the fact that I am a Switch and that means I do still enjoy bottoming, it’s important to me to address all aspects of my kink journey. So watch out for more switchy thoughts.

I’ve covered boobs and bottoming, which leaves us with ‘beasting it’ if the title is to be believed. Throughout June Hyacinth is also hosting Every Damn Day in June. My first instinct was that I absolutely wanted to get involved in this, then I wavered because There have been a couple of months this year were I’ve already posted every day and I worried about piggybacking something that perhaps wasn’t tailored towards my current blogging situation.

Then I decided not to be daft. I absolutely will join in. If for no other reason than it is an opportunity to share another bloggers endeavour and perhaps point bloggers that visit me towards joining in themselves. Even if we don’t all manage to blog every day by the end of June, perhaps the added support and motivation to write will cultivate posts we never knew we had in us.

Don’t forget you can always combine memes. Also for those of us who include photos on our blog, a daily image counts as a blog post. My Lingerie Is For Everyone images only ever had a quote to accompany them, the same goes for my Sinful Sunday images. When I’m trying to put out a post every day I often find that letting the images do the talking makes my goals more achievable.

4 thoughts on “[Photograhy] Boobs, Bottoming & Beasting It!

  1. Lol, isn’t it just! That’s my backpack I gave up handbags and got something with a little more personality

  2. I love a snatched outdoor pic – just wish I were brave enough to do it more often. Delightful as ever, Floss, a lovely mix of mind and eye-provoking…

  3. That sneaky outdoor pic is perfect. I love all the paterns and colors. But the bright red draws the eye right where you want it.

    I wasn’t going to do EDDiJ. But maybe you’ve convinced me. Your reasoning makes sense.

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