[Life] BoobDay Burdens

As well as having this blog, which is essentially a full-time unpaid job, I also have a part-time day job where I go and mingle with the muggles. Sometimes I really resent having to go to work, I hate the fact it takes me away from the blog, housework and often the small human. On days like today though, I’m grateful to be going.

Of course, it pays the bills and gives me money to do things, so I’m really always grateful for that, even when I’m moaning about it. Today though, I’m grateful in a different way.

The world is currently terrifying me. Too many people have ultra-conservative views. Homophobia, transphobia, racism and misogyny are something I see every single day when I go online. Every. Single. Day. Without fail. A conversation I had this week made me see that not everyone sees or believes the terrifying path we are going down at the moment and I honestly just wanted the earth to stop turning so I could get off.

I’m not much of an activist and I hate dealing with people who just solidly repeat the same thing and see that as a debate. When you give them so many different perspectives to consider, show them voices that are speaking their truths and yet still they say ‘no, it’s like this’ and what they’re telling you is just bullshit lies spouted from places like the Daily Mail or even better politicians or maybe it is the experience they’ve had, therefore it must the truth as we all know it.

I am infuriated right now by people who just won’t listen. Not even for a second. People who can’t and won’t concede that perhaps there is still work to be done in this world. People who think we’re still merrily moving forward, human rights for all and no one is being beaten up for being gay or denied healthcare because they’re trans or being treated like a second class citizen because they’re disabled.

I swear to God I see this every single day. From sources I know and trust as well. Not from shitty online magazines trying to make a quick buck from sensationalising a tiny incident. I mean real people, sharing real experiences of the shitty fucking humans who inhabit this earth and make other people lives a misery. It’s honestly a disgrace and it makes me ashamed to be part of the demographics of people that seem to be incapable of changing.

Today though I get to go to work and I can’t think about women accessing abortions or rights of sex workers. I can’t think about how I make sure my child grows up still thinking it’s cool that some people are Muslims and some people are Christians and some people are no religion and some people are other religions. I won’t be able to think about people who are repressed or dying or living in fear of their lives.

All I will be able to do is my job. A job which in some small way will make people happy. While they’re sat in the place I work, consuming the goods I prepare they will at least be enjoying themselves and today I am grateful for that.

It’s rare that I feel quite this burdened by the world, but this week for some reason I do and I needed to rant, so I’m presenting that alongside boobs to soften the rant slightly for those of you who are kind enough to read.

6 thoughts on “[Life] BoobDay Burdens

  1. I can agree with so many things here. It is sickening how humans still treat each other. So those of us that want better for our little ones keep doing our part, we go to the job, we help those that cross our path and hope that we might make a small impact on them.
    P.s. the boobday shot was definitely the cereal prize (thanks Michael lol)

  2. I totally agree, Floss, there’s just too much negativity on so many fronts in this life, and sometimes I just want to put my hands over my ears and sing “lalalalalalala” so I can’t hear all the bitching. Sometimes it’s good to just be in a quiet space, all by myself.

    Rebel xox

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