[Erotica] How I Feel About Her

Did you ever want to do something you know you shouldn’t?

Have you ever felt the intensity of your desire to do the bad thing increased by the very real reasons you should just back the fuck away?

That’s how I feel about her.

I remind myself time and again that I’m a good person, that this wicked streak that ripples through me when I think about her isn’t all there is to me. When I lie in bed at night imaging her tits in my mouth and my fingers in her cunt, I tell myself it would only be bad if I did it … again

I imaging pinning her against a wall, my tongue in her mouth. Her hips gyrating as her cunt tries to find some attention. I pull away from her leaving her breathless, my hands releasing her, determined to leave her wanting more. One of her hands reaches for mine, as someone else enters the room. She doesn’t let go, but they don’t seem to notice. The thrill of getting caught is perhaps part of the fun.

We’re all out for lunch, real life, not imagined and I find myself sitting beside her. My hands seem to have a will of their own, as they brush against her thigh beneath the table. My mouth has just as much self-control as it whispers obscenities into her ear at every given chance. I watch as her cheeks flush and chest heaves. I laugh, which probably isn’t fair, as she tries to stay composed amongst our friends.

I excuse myself to go to the ladies room, and I’m not surprised when she follows shortly after. She stands in front of me, silent, eyes bright and excited. Perfect hair, perfect make-up and all of it is making me want to ruin her. I want to see her mascara streaming down her cheeks, her lipstick smeared, her hair a tousled mess as her silence breaks and she screams my name, her perfectly manicured fingers dragging across my flesh.

I don’t do it … this time, I hold back reminding her that we agreed that it wasn’t a good idea. We both know I’m just dragging out the tease, the denial. We both know I’m desperate to fuck her. Partly because it’s one of the many things I whispered in her ear as we sat eating our very nice dinner, with our very nice friends.

Lunch turns into an afternoon stroll. The local scenery is almost as beautiful as she is. We fall behind the rest of the pack. She manages to have the most normal conversations when all I can think about is kissing her. We’ve fallen so far behind it will take ages for them to know when or why it happened, a twisted ankle, distracted by a cute horse, just two of many believable possibilities.

Bless Mother Nature and the many discreet places you can find to fuck in a forest. Away from the main path, my lips were on hers as we both sought to undo zips and free tits from bras. My fingers sank into her cunt, as the forest floor became a bed for our lust. Her mouth found my nipples and the more she sucked, the harder I fucked. It felt wonderful to finally give in to temptation.

When we’d had our fill, or at least decided we’d pushed our luck with time, we pulled on our clothes and made an effort to catch up with the rest of the group. As tempting as it was to leave the leaves in her hair, it seemed like an unnecessarily devilish thing to do. I didn’t, however, offer to give her panties back, which I’d tucked away in my bag as a memento.

As we left the shade of the trees and into the late afternoon sunshine, that bright dazzling diamond on her right hand glistened in the sun. Oh, I really am so very, very bad and I want to feel so very, very guilty. But did you ever do something bad yet so deliciously fucking wonderful that it was hard to feel any remorse about it at all?

That’s how I feel about her.

12 thoughts on “[Erotica] How I Feel About Her

  1. Fabulous writing –
    “did you ever do something bad yet so deliciously fucking wonderful that it was hard to feel any remorse about it at all?”

    My answer to that is once or twice 😉 x

  2. Wonderful, compelling, and kind of exhausting. I savored every word. And wonder how you keep from just exploding? Thank YOU.

  3. Giving into temptation + risk = mind altering moments.

    Stunning imagery and passion. Thank you for sharing.

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