[Erotica] Dreams of You

Image was originally taken during the same set as G is for Greedy

I dreamt of you when I was alone in my bed, as the sheets wrapped around me instead of your arms. My body began to ache for you as my mind began to enjoy you.

There is no time to waste in this dreamland of mine, not knowing how soon the waking world will pull me away from you. My hands tug at the waistband of your boxers, the reveal is sweet; heard, throbbing, waiting, ready.

My palm lays against the soft inviting skin of your erection, my fingers coiling around you one by one. I love to tease and seduce, making you want, making you beg. In this fantasy, there are no such pleasantries.

My grip and my rhythm are the kind that yield only one result. You groan in recognition and your hands flitter towards mine, low grumbles of ‘no, don’t’ leaving your lips. I bat your hands away and you groan again, this time with resignation. You will come and you will come quick.

Embarrassment will flood your mind as you question just how many minutes, or even more shamefully, seconds it took for me to draw that climax from you. In contrast, I will feel triumph and glee, as a smile beams from my face and arousal rages in my cunt.

I wake with the image of you torso decorated in your own excitement fixed firmly in my mind and my hand firmly fixed in my knickers.

8 thoughts on “[Erotica] Dreams of You

  1. very sexy! appealing and arousing. Thank you.
    I love with how you can create a lasting impression with so few words – just vivid imagery.

  2. Oh, fuck, yes, Floss. I love the batting away the hand and forcing the orgasm. That amazing mix of total pleasure as part of loss of control is such a head fuck, asserting dominance in a simple way.

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