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For the latest Erotic Journal Challenge, we are being invited to talk about what turns us on. This caused some head-scratching from me because I’ve been writing about one turn on a week since the beginning of the year in my series That’s My Kink. I asked myself, do I just feature the next kink along? Do I summarise all my thoughts on my turns on? Or do I tackle one of the big ones?

I reflected on these question for a few days before deciding that given the content of my erotica in the days that followed this post, there was a turn on that I think I really should confess. One of my biggest turn on is penile ejaculation and orgasm. Now, before every penis enabled person out there starts getting ready to send me pictures and videos of him spunking, there are, of course, stipulations to how and when this kink turns me on. So please read to the end before you decide whether or not it’s appropriate to send me explicit material.

I’d also like to preface the rest of this blog post with my right to refer to ejaculation and orgasm however I see fit. Spunk, jizz, cum, spunk explosion, jizz wave, boner batter, jism, cocksplosion, blow your load, spunk one-off, jizzgasm and anything else I fancy. If we are fucking, which chances are we are not, I will refrain from using terms you find icky or unappealing. Here on FlossDoesLife though I call the shots, so if erotica where someone spunks doesn’t do it for you, then #sorrynotsorry.

This week I have written 3 tales involving penis ejaculation, which means for a lot of this week I’ve been visualising cocks and thinking about what they do when they climax. For various reasons I don’t go into detail in any of those pieces, the main reason being I needed to move the stories along. What I will say though is for one of those tales Adorning My Boobs came to be in a different manner to my usual erotica.

Having seen the wonderful image for Masturbation Monday from Purple’s Gem I absolutely wanted to write a spunk based piece of erotica. My mind just wasn’t playing along though. I decided that there was only one thing for it and asked Bakji for a favour. The favour being I needed him to show up at my house the next day and let me wank him hard until he came all over my tits. Thankfully and perhaps unsurprisingly he was more than happy to oblige and I began to plan a kinky little scene for us.

My plan was that either I’d think of a story after I had my image, or I’d write about our own interaction. As suspected, post-play an idea did indeed come to me, but it was the act of actively being present to something that turned me on that finally got the creative juices flowing.

To make my specific turn on clear, while I did actively seek Bakji coming on me, that isn’t my specific kink, though it is fun. My actual kink, the thing that turns me on in phenomenal ways is the act of causing a penis to ejaculate and embracing all the little things that includes. Since I began Topping Bakji this is a kink that has definitely grown. It went from being a curiosity to something I actively seek and revel in.

The joy of FemDom is that when I am in control I get to choose how Bakji comes, when he comes and what position I am in when it happens. I can choose my focus and experiment with different methods and if I think I missed out on something I can be sure to keep an eye out for it next time.

In the moments post play, I will often remark upon what kind of spunky delight I was blessed with. The things I might cover are the power of ejaculation, viscosity, depth of colour, type of spray and anything else I found particularly fascinating.

We have videos (we are perverts and record all our sessions) of me captivated by Bakji’s nob as the moment of orgasm and ejaculation take hold. Often he has no idea until he watches it back that this was the case and has occasionally remarked on how happy I look. In one, perhaps two scenes I actually did a happy dance and giggled with joy because the orgasm and the ejaculation were so amazing it just filled me with pure happiness.

One of the ways in which I encourage, shall we say, interesting orgasms is by edging Bakji. When I have pushed him to edge of climax, only to stop, over and over again it does tend to make the moment he actually falls of the edge quite spectacular. There are occasions though where despite my excellent edging skills and my fierce FemDom presence he will find himself unable to hold back and will blow his load before either of us planned.

I’m sure for some people this would be terrible. Maybe the scene would be ruined, maybe their sub would be punished. For me, it is just another way to indulge in my kink. Once, I had removed my hand, I wasn’t even touching him, I was just talking about sexy stuff and that was enough to cause his nob to explode. TALKING people! No hand on the nob. No mouth. No cunt. Just words in his ear and there was cum everywhere. Don’t get me wrong I told him off and called him a pervert, but I did both with love and amusement because that was a fascinating thing to watch.

Sometimes the moment of orgasm and ejaculation are simultaneous, merging together seamlessly in a way that would have you believe they are one and the same. More often than not though I get to see them occurring at different times and that too is part of my enjoyment. There has been more than one occasion where Bakji’s orgasm has taken hold and I will be enthralled by the noises he makes and the way his body his gripped by the sensations coursing through him, as I wait, and wait and wait for his ejaculation to appear so I can watch as his body expels fluid for my amusement. Sometimes that wait feels like an eternity when the gap between orgasm and ejaculation has made me wonder if we were happening upon a dry orgasm. Which as yet has never happened.

I mentioned above the noises and bodily reactions to orgasm that occur when I make Bakji come and they too are part of my kink. Many scenes have been shorted than initially planned because I got so turned on by the reactions he was providing that I forgot to slow my pace, realised he was close to climax and got so excited to see it happen that I just went with it.

It’s hard to explain the specific noises Bakji makes that get me going. It’s more than just the moans and groans of sexual pleasure, but it is definitely them too. It’s the noises that translate less clearly in written form, which means they don’t take centre stage in erotica. Small noises that let me know if I don’t back off he’ll come, the growl of frustration when I do back off and it becomes clear he was expecting to come.

Then there are the sounds he makes when he does come, oh my fucking god, I want to come myself just thinking about them. They are deep, raw, primal, animalistic and they make me feel like I caged something wild and seduced it into subservience and that my friends is exactly the kind of submissive I want in my life.

Then there is the demon possession being exorcised level of bodily convulsions that accompany orgasms. Which are often amplified when you have bound someone in a way that pleases you and quite often their body would like to take up another position during those peak moments of pleasure. Which means I get to watch as Bakji’s body fights against its bonds, skin flushed, muscles flexing and all of it is my doing. Hot damn that’s a glorious situation to find myself in.

I focused on Bakji for the majority of this post because he has the penis I most often get to play with. Part of that being that despite identifying as non-monogamous I have a trickier time gaining my confidence with cocks. Boobs and vulvas? No problem, bring them to me and I will make magic happen. If you’ve got a cock though, well it’s going to take me a little longer and stronger bond before I feel like I can truly pleasure you in the way I know we will both enjoy.

I’d also like to mention, to the person who is 100% going to message me asking why I didn’t once use the phrase male ejaculation. Yes, that will happen. Because it happens every damn time there’s an opportunity for it.  I am an equal opportunities penis pleasure giver. Man cock, girl cock, non-binary cock, so long as the person in question is into me, I’m into them and they’ve consented to me perving over them as they spunk one off then gender isn’t specific to this kink.

It’s also worth noting that this is a personal post about my reactions and feelings surrounding this topic. I don’t have a cock, all I can do is describe what I see and how it makes me feel. Often I describe how things look to Bakji as an onlooker and sometimes he says they line up with his feelings and sometimes they don’t. I can and have on multiple occasions googled all manner of things to do with orgasms and ejaculation of the penile variety and this is in no way an attempt to educate or inform on those issues.

I’m just a girl who likes to watch folk spunk.

Which brings me back to the aforementioned pictures and videos of folk spunking, chances are I don’t want them. Unless you’re Bakji, in which case I want them immediately.

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6 thoughts on “[That’s My Kink] Spunky Cockgasm

  1. Geez I had a year’s worth of orgasming videos all ready to send to you. (They were recorded during the year I had no orgasms… oh never mind—nothing to show).

  2. Your weekly kink posts fascinate me, because I’m not sure I would ever have enough ideas to do something like that. But then I read yours and agree with many and then find myself thinking that maybe I just need to be more open and think outside the box a bit. I’m more sexually creative an open than I think I am. This one…male ejaculation…us pretty mainstream, and I do love knowing I am responsible for causing it. But making him do it with words alone (even after all the edging)? I am in awe of your abilities!

    1. Well I don’t know if it was my abilities or his pure naughtiness and excitement at work to be honest but either way it was good fun! With the whole weekly kink thing I honestly just put my mind to writing a list of 52 things I enjoy in some way. Not all of them are technically kinks in the true meaning of the word, but they are all things I get truly excited by and that made them good enough to include for the purpose they’re not all easy to find enough words on but I figure that’s a good challenge to set myself too

  3. I love this, Floss, your extended thoughts on something that you get so close to yet have to step outside of yourself to think about, for obvious reasons. I love the way you have watched and thought about it – and, speaking as a penis owner, even to us, the mechanics and feelings of orgasm and ejaculating are mysterious sometimes.

    It’s certainly true that the repeat use of edging produces a more spectacular result. Recently I’ve had phases of edging over several days before release; last time, after a week, I actually managed to give myself a facial, such was the release of tension. Where that hydraulic power comes from, and why it reacts like that after denial, is as fascinating as it is surprising. Not to say messy…

  4. Hey Floss, another triumph. I’m a huge admirer of you and your work generally, but this really struck a nerve. It’s only relatively recently that I’ve come to enjoy spunk for it’s own sake. For years it was simply a faintly icky and embarrassing (if not dangerous! ) by-product.
    Now though, I love it. I love filling Mrs ET with it, I love the feeling of it hurtling out of me, and the spray of it. Especially if I’m alone and can just completely indulge myself. Grrr.

    Anyway. Thanks for writing this, it’s clarified my Joy of Spunk. I might write about it…

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