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If this is your first visit to a That’s My Kink post, then you might like to read That’s My Kink – An Introduction first.

Biting came up in That’s My Kink – Sadism. I discussed how it was one of my favourite ways to deliver pain, I didn’t, however, mention that it is also one of my favourite ways to receive pain. Beyond that though, whether it is a pain chomp or a playful nibble I adore incorporating biting into play as both a bottom and a top.

As a teenager, I had more than a fleeting interest in vampires, as I think many of us did and one of the things I found most erotic about vampires was their use of teeth. I always found the idea of sharp, dangerous teeth, sinking into soft, yielding flesh tapped into my perfect idea of intimacy and pleasure.

When someone I’m attracted to bites me they tap into a direct line to my cunt. Instant arousal is achieved. Bites anywhere are good, but my neck and shoulders are especially willing when it comes to biting. In terms of where I like to place my own bites? Chests, boobs and necks are definite favourites. I love peppering Bakji’s chest with bite marks when we play, and I am very grateful to the ladies I know who have allowed me to sink my teeth into their beautiful boobies.

As a bottom I enjoyed quite deep bites, that feel as if they could lead to my jugular being ripped out. When I can feel their teeth grinding against the muscles and tendons in my body it makes my knees weak and I have no other desire in the world but submit to their will. Whenever I doubt that I have any subby tendancies left, all I need to do is imagine a moment like that and I am reminded that there are certain ways to handle me should my submission be required.

As for what reamins once the bites had faded, I love the marks bites leave. Whether they are little love bites or something a little larger. I also enjoy the teeth marks while they last and that, perhaps cliched, image of vampire bite marks is utterly arousing and I would be a boringly willing victim if I could get me some of that action.

As a top what I enjoy about biting is more about overriding the polite ‘we don’t bite people’ approach of society. Of course I don’t want to bite total strangers, well not always, but biting is naughty behaviour, something you shouldn’t do and if there is one thing I love as a Top it’s doing things society tells me I shouldn’t do.

It also helps that when I bite Bakji he usually says ‘ow’ or makes pain noises, he doesn’t however use his safeword and his will and his willy goes harder. It’s such a wonderful combination of clear arousal combined with a willingness to suffer that plays right into my turn-ons.

There are plenty of kinky interests I have that I wouldn’t be too disappointed if I never got to do again, but biting isn’t one of them. If I was ever forced to make a list of kinks I absolutely have to have in my life I think this would be one of them. Not only do I really enjoy it, it is such a versatile and handy weapon to have at my disposal. I have had such wonderful times doing nothing but biting people and I really wouldn’t want to give that up.

There is also a very raw and primal element of arousal at play with biting and that is definitely something that appeals to me. It’s been a little while since sex happened outside of a planned kinky sessions, but when it does happen, I most definitely favour the kind that involves teeth and nails digging into supple flesh.

Being bitten and biting in the heat of the moment, without really paying that much attention to what you’re doing, then looking down at each other afterwards and being all ‘fuck, look at the state of us’ is another moment that just totally works for me. The prospect of being so caught up in fucking each other than that the pain is pure sex and the prospect of mutual ruination is the aim rather than a potential problem.

There are some kinks, like bondage, that I only like to bottom for with Bakji or perhaps others if I’m particularly in the mood to be tied. Biting though is the kind of kink I’m happy to explore with someone so long as one thing in place, mutual attraction. If we’re kissing, touching and things are feeling sexy then biting is something that will most definitely be met with moans of delight and will likely result in a puddle of Floss.

Is this whole post one giant hint in case anyone I fancy ever reads it? I couldn’t possibly say.

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2 thoughts on “[That’s My Kink] Biting

  1. I really enjoyed reading about a kink that I adore and partake in as often as possible. I appreciate how open and honest your writing is. This particular post definitely made me wet. 😉

  2. i have enjoyed being bitten. never thought about but when was younger i always wanted to be taken be Barnabas from Dark Shadows maybe the Vampire thing is in me too. nicely written

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