[Erotica] The Hunger

Relentless, desperate, aching hunger rages inside me.

I am hungry for one thing.

I am hungry for you.

Come, lie before me so I can feel your soft flesh break beneath me, as I sink my teeth into your most sensual parts, digging deep, deep, deeper as the pleasure unfolds.

I no longer wish to resist the temptation. Let me feed upon you. Watch as my tongue flickers across bright red beads that pool upon your skin.

The skin I broke, that it should bleed, skin that makes me feel whole again.

I will give, with gratitude, more pleasure than I take. I will move inside you as I slake my thirst and you will tremble beneath me as your body gives way a rapture that is as yet unknown.

Yes, I am hungry for you. In more ways than one.

Come, be delicious.

Be devoured.

Be the flesh I feast upon.

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