[Erotica] The Friday Girls – Part 8

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This week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt is ‘elaborate’ and it was the perfect incentive to return to a set of stories I originally started through the Friday Flash meme. Which is how they came to be known as The Friday Girls. This is the 8th part and it is more of a bridge to further sexy adventures, rather than a sexy adventure in and of itself. It was really nice to revisit them though and they will be back very soon.

The art exhibit she took me to was wonderful. The theme was erotic art and as two people engaged in the heady arousal of a potential and new relationship, we didn’t need any more encouragement to fuel our lust but we certainly got it.

The last few days had been a complete whirlwind of arousal and emotions, sex in a public toilet, kinky sex, spanking and sex outdoors had all been part of our adventures so far and all I could think about was more. More sex, more her, more fun, more laughter. She was lighting up my life in a way I hadn’t even known I’d needed.

‘Cam! Cam!’

She was looking at her phone in horror and tugging on my sleeve like a small child, my attention was immediately drawn away from reminiscing over our time together as I lingered over the last few exhibits and focused entirely on Jo and whatever it was that was causing her distress.

‘What’s wrong? What’s happened?’

‘I totally forgot but I’ve got a date tonight! They just messaged to confirm and we’ve been having such a good time together I just lost track of everything else.’

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been a little blindsided by this information, but it did do us a favour in many ways. It’s always tricky to bring up non-monogamy as a way to conduct relationships, but Jo’s forgotten date took us there, not altogether smoothly, but it did take us there.

We’d settled ourselves in a discreet booth at the nearest coffee shop we could find and Jo had begun to tell me about the person she was due to meet later on that day.

‘He’s really sweet, we’ve only been on two other dates and it’s felt like a slow burner, but I’ve been enjoying his company and he does a lot of travelling so I enjoy hearing all about that. I think I should go, so as not to be rude, but I think I’ll tell him that’s the last date.’

Even as she said the words I could see she felt a little sad at the prospect of not seeing him again. It made my heart ache for her and I hoped I could offer her options without her worrying I was ambivalent about continuing to date her myself.

‘Or, you could go on this date, see how he feels about you also dating me, see how you feel about potentially dating us both and those of us who are still in after that conversation can take it from there.’

She looked at me wide-eyed, but I saw her shoulders relax and knew at once she was pleased that I wasn’t expecting her to choose me, or perhaps grateful we weren’t in the middle of a huge bust up.

‘Is this something you’ve done before? You know, dating more than one person at a time?’

‘Yep, in a variety of different ways. I’m not a huge fan of monogamy, so I’m always more open to the other options. It’s not always easy, but it is worth it when it works.’

‘Okay then, I think I’d like to try it your way. Honestly though if he’s not into it, I think I’ll see if he’d be happy to stay friends but not do the whole romance thing.’

We talked some more, I explained about my previous relationships, she asked questions that satisfied her initial burst of curiosity and then when our coffees were finished and her mind was a little more settled, she stood up, the spirit of adventure glistening in her eyes and with my hand in hers we were off to make the most of our time together before her date began.

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