[Erotica] The Cleansing

The Cleansing is a follow on piece from In His House. This series also comes with a Content Warning as Religious themes are present throughout.

The hand that had pulled me to my feet fell from my grasp, causing me to seek the face that accompanied the voice that had brought me back to reality. He was likely only a few years older than me, with greying temples, startling blue eyes and to my horror, he was wearing a dog collar.

The shame started to bubble inside me, a priest had caught me on my knees, post-orgasm, in his church after I’d masturbated to thoughts of Jesus Christ. I hadn’t intended to be disrespectful, I’d just been caught up int he moment, as I stood in his presence though I felt an overwhelming need to repent.

‘You’re embarrassed.’

It wasn’t a question, but a statement, and not only that but it sounded like the opening statement of a sermon, so instead of confirming I just sat quietly on the armchair he had placed me upon entering what I assumed was his home.

‘There is no need to be. You are but flesh and blood. The temptation of life is ever present and succumbing to it is a part of living. There is however much to be done and we must waste no time. First, we need to get you cleaned up and then we need to get you fed.’

Part of me was utterly confused, but when he took my hand and led me to the bathroom that part of me did not speak. In fact, no part of me was speaking, I had fallen silent in his presence. I followed as he led me through his home, watched as he ran a bath and allowed him to remove my clothes. I stood completely naked in this strangers home and never once wondered what I was doing there, I simply accepted that I was and waited for his direction.

When the bath was full he simply held his hand out to me and asked if I was ready, I nodded, taking his hand in mine and stepped into the bath, lowering myself into the warm, soothing water. His hand only leaving mine once my body as reclined and fully submerged in the water.

He knelt beside the bath and without a word began to wash me, a soapy sponge in his hand and a smile on his face. It was then that I found my voice.

‘Oh! You really don’t have to do that. I could, um, I could do it myself.’

‘You could. But unless I wash you, you have no part with me.’ (John 13:8)

With that, he stopped and I knew, but without knowing how that he was waiting for my consent to continue. That this had to be my choice, but as yet I didn’t know what I was choosing. I did know however that whatever he was offering was something I wanted.

‘Oh I see, I … I didn’t know. I’d love for you to continue.’

Which was how I came to be washed from head to toe by a man I’d only just met, whose name I didn’t know, feeling the weight of the world drifting from me and a sense of calm I never believed could exist settling in my heart.

Continued … Part 3 – Home

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    1. They will be back they are scheduled for my Wicked Wednesday post next week I’m please they’ve intrigued you though Marie ☺️

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