[Erotica] Sea Men at Work

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This piece originally began life as a potential entry for Round 4 of the Smut Marathon. It came to more than double the allowed word count though and I honestly felt cutting it down too much would result in a poor entry. I eventually submitted ‘Sunday Service’ which was entry number 16 should you be curious to see what I wrote.

Being at sea on an underwater vessel for months at a time with several hundred men isn’t always plain sailing. There are many nights where a cacophony of snoring keeps me awake but usually, a walk around the sleeping quarters sees me right.

One night I’d reached the Captain’s bunk when muffled voices led me to place my ear to the door. The grunts and groans were unmistakable and I was transfixed as I wondered who he had in there with him as I eavesdropped on their unfolding conversation.

‘Does your wife suck your dick, Sir?’

‘Absolutely! She can’t get enough of it when I’m home.’

‘What about the other men?’

‘Would it turn you on if they did?’

I waited with bated breath to hear more about this how many men the Captain was being serviced by, but the sailors answer diverted the action in a far more arousing way.

‘Yes Sir, you know I love to think of you with other men.’

‘What would you be thinking about if it was another of the boys sucking me off right now?’

‘Putting my cock in your arse Sir, doubling your pleasure.’

‘Mmmm … such a thoughtful boy. You’ll find lube and condoms in the drawer, let’s put that big dick of yours to work.’

My own cock was standing to attention as if it too were required to do the Captain’s bidding. One hand rested against the door frame as the other began to stroke, matching the rhythm of the fucking coming from the other side of the door.

‘Harder boy! No! Harder!’

‘Sir! Yes, Sir!’

The Captain sounded ravenous, even as I lost myself in their activity, I couldn’t help but think that two boys might not even be enough to sate him. I knew that feeling, that desperate, aching insatiable need to have more cocks than you can count fucking you until they’re dry.

My mind wandered to being part of their fun, my dick was desperate for some action that didn’t involve my own hand. Whoever the Captain had in there seemed eager to please and I imagined my dick disappearing into his mouth, as the Captain fucked me in the arse. There was something so undeniably arousing about having an authority figure fuck me. In my mind his voice is at my ear, that deep growl saying … ‘take it boy, that’s right, take it all and fucking enjoy it.’

Oh God, I would enjoy it so fucking much and I clearly wasn’t alone in that thought.

‘Sir, Sir, I … I’m …’

‘Fucks sake boy, what about me?’

At this point I would have loved nothing more than to knock on the door, cock out, offering myself up for his service. But the sounds of another man grunting and groaning as he came in the Captain’s arse was too much for me. An orgasm that had caught me somewhat off-guard and had subsequently caused me to spray my load all over the door.

I didn’t wait to find out how the Captain satisfied himself that night, but I know one thing for sure, I know which route my nightly wanderings will be taking me in the future and who knows, maybe one day someone will be eavesdropping on me.

6 thoughts on “[Erotica] Sea Men at Work

  1. This story was so Unff!! I cant even think of good words to describe it. Hot AF and definitely needed all those words! Yum! You nailed it Floss.

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