[Erotica] Adorning My Boobs

‘Is that what you’re wearing tonight.’

‘Well, yeah, I’m putting a blouse over the top, but this is the bra I’m wearing.’

‘You smell nice too. Flowery.’

‘It’s the perfume you got me for Christmas.’

His interest in my lingerie wasn’t uncommon and I didn’t think any more of it as I finished getting ready, for a night out I didn’t want to go on, with people who would bore me senseless.

‘Perfect. You’re ready, with time to spare, there’s something we need to do before you leave.’

Before I can ask what that something is I see him unzipping his flies, he pushes his jeans down and they gather at his ankles. His tight, fitted trunks don’t follow in the same direction, he simply eases them just below his arse and lets them stay there.

Getting undressed to fuck, will probably make me late, but it’s a chance I’m willing to take. As my hand begin to unbutton my blouse he stops me.

‘No, stay as you are, but kneel in front of me.’

I do as instructed, taking his cock in my hands, my mouth eager to feel him against my tongue.

‘No, no mouth. No blowjob. I want a handjob and make it your best and when I come it had better be all over your tits.’

I didn’t need telling twice, my hand began to move over his cock, slow, gentle and deliciously teasing. His arousal was audible, his hands moved to my hair, his tight grip further proof that my efforts were pleasing him.

His hips began to twitch and his fists tightened in my hair, the pain caused my cunt to tingle and my hand to move faster against the smooth, warm skin of his cock. Faster meant more moaning, more moaning meant I went faster. I kept my pace and I was sure to keep my aim. When he came, he came hard and my chest was adorned with glistening streams and droplets of spunk.

We stayed like that for a moment, while he caught his breath, my hands resting against his thighs. His own still wrapped in my hair, though their grip had loosened significantly.

‘I’d better get cleaned up before I go out.’

‘Cleaned up? I don’t think so. You’re going out just like that. You’ve done nothing but complain that it will be boring, this way I’ve made it a little more fun for you. If you’re lucky that lovely perfume will be all your colleagues can smell.’

10 thoughts on “[Erotica] Adorning My Boobs

  1. How do I know something I’ve read is hot AF? When it’s not my kink (in fact, a hard limit), and I’m so fucking turned on it hurts. Amazing writing!

    1. Yay! That’s one of my favourite things to hear when I’ve written something that doesn’t line up with someone’s kinks! Thank you Kayla ❤️

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