[Photography] With These Hands

With these hands

and these


I will reach

across, over,

under, or through

anything that separates




I will paint

your face and neck

with tenderness,

I will coat you

in calm.

I will be


you need

because you

are everything

to me.

Tyler Knott Gregson

25 thoughts on “[Photography] With These Hands

  1. Oh… this gave me shivers! I love how the words read almost like a prayer illustrated by the beautiful images, very hot Floss! Fantastic viewpoints and crops, a great piece altogether x

    1. Thank you you’ve said all the most wonderful things because I was aiming for all those things with word choice and image selection I feel like I’ve unlocked some kind of achievement for composition

    1. Thank you May. There were so many of you I was thinking of when I did this pictures I couldn’t let Easter go by without embracing Jesus

    1. Aww thank you Kayla already has two of my images submitted. But maybe I’ll bombard her with a another if there isn’t a limit on submissions

    1. Ooh yes … you’d do wonderful photographs with a crucifix Molly and we’d all be here for them despite the less than conventional ways I use my rosary beads I truly love them and have others crosses too and I love how they look in images

  2. I love the black rosary beads against the white lace pants. And the poem is just beautiful,- promise to yourself?

    1. Thank you ☺️ you know what that would make a great promise to myself. When I read them though I though ‘ooh that sounds like a promise Jesus would make’ It was like my own little Easter homage

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