[Erotica] Touching My Collar

It’s very quiet over here like I am home alone. But I’m not, you are always with me.

My fingers automatically brush against my collar as I think of you. My eyes close as I picture myself in your arms, your finger hooking beneath my collar as you pull my lips to your own.

My hand has moved away from my collar now. My fingers now seeking something just as familiar, though warmer and wetter.

I bite my lip as I remember the rules, touching is allowed, but no orgasm without permission. I tell myself I can do it, as my fingers circle my clit and my mind allows me to imagine it is your touch.

The thing with rules is that they just beg to be broken. My imagination is far too good, and the things you do to me are far too delicious. The memories and anticipation of your touch drive me to the edge of climax far quicker than is decent.

I pause for a moment, a brief second of obedience washing over me before I’m reaching for the lube and a vibrator.

I know I will pay for my indiscretion, but as my vibrator slides over my clit and into my cunt, it is a price I am willing to pay. I try to pin down a specific scene in my mind to come to, but in my state of sudden arousal, my mind won’t stay put on one thing.

You’re fingering me, we’re fucking. I’m giving head, I’m being spanked. Then all thoughts leave my mind and I am seconds away from an orgasm so intense I may need to nap afterwards.

‘JesusFuckYES! Please may I come?’

There’s no one to answer, you’re with me, always, but you’re not here always. I realise I’m waiting to hear your voice at my ear, that permission granted that would push me over the edge. When it doesn’t come, my orgasm retreats.

‘No! Fuck! No!’

I put the vibrator on full power and push against my clit with a desperation bordering on pitiful, it creates a sensation but it is far from orgasmic, in fact, if truth be told it’s far from pleasant. I flop onto the bed with a sigh, frustrated, horny and with an ache in my belly from missing you.

I get up and resolve to wait patiently, longing to hear your key in the door. Then all will be right with the world once you are back here with me. We’ve been apart for far too long.

Opening lines are the prompt for WW #360

4 thoughts on “[Erotica] Touching My Collar

  1. YES! This there is something about this moment when you need to release but your mind is like oh nooooo you don’t..

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