[Erotica] The Maiden and The Raven

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‘Go away Bryn, I’m not in the mood for your silly games.’

She batted the raven away with her hands and continued her reading, perched upon a toadstool that had no business being as large as it was, but ar the same, was her favourite place to perch when she longed to get lost in the magic of her books.

Bryn settled upon her should, his black feathers glistening in the sunlight as he nuzzled his beak against her neck.

‘Bryn, I’m warning you, no funny business or it’s into your cage you go.’

He sang out at this, loud and playful as he rose from her shoulder and landed at her feet, no longer bird, but man, his dark round eyes the only remnant of his feathered form.

‘The cage would be a perfect threat if we had one and that threat would work even better if you had the power to resist me.’

She looked up at him, an eyebrow raised and was confronted with a cheeky grin and those black bead-like eyes that did, she had to admit, make her melt inside. As a bird, he was her protector. He shadowed her everywhere she went, alerted her to danger and made sure her path through this world was a safe one. As a man, he was her pleasure and her play and though it was entirely frustrating that he knew it with such confidence, she could not, in fact, resist him.

‘You do remember you’re only meant to be feathered outside?’

‘Freya has led most people out to forage today, the weather is good and folks are in good spirits, so it will likely result in a good haul.’

‘Why weren’t we called upon?’

She tried to sound hurt, but in truth, she relished the time alone to read as Bryn’s feathers fluttered against her skin. Stretching out in the long grass to nap as he perched gently upon her as he kept watch.

‘I told them you were in need of rest. I thought time alone was more advantageous to us than time with the flock.’

‘You’re a naughty bird Bryn!’

‘Correction I was a naughty bird when I told that lie, now however I am not a bird, but I am feeling very naughty.’

His hands slid under the blue ruffles of her skirt as he spoke, pulling her to him, her arms looping around his neck and finding his lips with hers as he did so. A soft chirping deep in his throat caused her skin to tingle and though it were entirely forbidden to fornicate with your protector, she was as eager as she ever was to feel him inside her.

Their bodies moved together instinctively, finding their way into the soft grass, as her dress was removed along the way and the heat of his skin burned as nothing but lace knickers lay between them. His hands moved knowingly along the terrain of her skin, they did this so often, in secret behind the closed doors of her dwelling, but feeling his hands on her, as well as the gentle breeze and the tickle of grass was a new kind of exhilarating.

Her breath quickened and her body arched into his touch, her own hands reached out to touch him, his ethereal skin felt both smooth and feathered beneath her fingertips, it was a magical sensation, as was being part of him as they came together in this way. She could feel the very essence of him weaving into her own, he wasn’t deep inside her yet, but his fingers were playing in the part of her that she was told was most sacred and with him, she had come to believe this. One day the crown of her realm will be hers, but as he teases those long languid sighs from her body, that is when she feels most like the Queen she is destined to be.

He hovers over her, hands and knees placed firmly on the ground, but she swears for a moment she sees him flutter and again the reminder that he is two formed makes her insides swell and throb, her skin flushes with warmth and as he removes the lace knickers she feels her desire for him grow between her thighs.

Her hands caress his body as he slowly fills her, he moans with pleasure as he sinks himself deep inside her. For a moment he doesn’t move, he simply kisses her and revels in the way that kiss causes her muscles to draw him deeper into her. Then he moves a hand against her breast, tweaking her nipple between thumb and forefinger and he groans as she moves her hips against him, ensuring his penetration is at its deepest.

‘Deep. Deeper. Deepest.’

She speaks in such a low whisper, many wouldn’t have heard the words she spoke, but blessed as he is with extraordinary hearing he hears it as if he’d said it himself. It is then that he begins to move against her, for now, they’ve said goodbye to the slow, sensual way their bodies combine and his thrusts are hard, causing her to cry out with each one, as her fingers interlace with grass and her body becomes one with nature in a way her people long ago declared a sin.

His hands cup her face as his full weight rest upon her body, always at this point, she wonders how he is so heavy as a man and so weightless as a bird, and as often happens this thought is followed by the crashing waves of pleasure that cause her body to convulse and the sounds that leave her mouth make her feel primal and alive and he responds to her pleasure like a beast, not a bird, or a man, but a wild, untamed beast as he pummels her soft, giving flesh.

She watches wide eyes as his body moves in a frenzy against her, his grunts and groans are as beautiful to her as his bird song and she grips the curve of his buttocks, her legs wrapped tight around his torso and she aches to feel him release himself inside of her, aches to feel his muscles clench and his guttural cry of climax as the sensations they create together push him over the edge.

Her longing is fulfilled and soon enough they are lying beside each other in the grass both satisfied, at least for the time being and for now they are content with holding hands and sharing tales as they giggle like naughty schoolchildren over the number of rules they continuously break.

Neither one of them ever considering what would happen if the seeds he planted inside her ever decided to grow

Inspired by Masturbation Monday Week 241

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  1. Excellent Floss! Really enjoyed this piece (and not just because of the title ). Great imagery and a hint at a wider world.

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