[Erotica] Tell Me Where To Go

‘For fuck’s sake just tell me where to go next!’

‘Absolutely not, I’ve brought you this far now you are in charge.’

My hand was on my cunt and I regretted confessing that I’d like to explore myself more but didn’t know where to begin.

‘Just close your eyes, steady your breathing and let your hands move around your body and see what happens.’

You were kneeling between my thighs and I wanted more than anything for you to take over, but I did want this, I just didn’t know what it would feel like and the unknown was always a scary place to visit.

I did as you suggested though and my hands did indeed begin to roam as I thought of you touching my tits and gripping my thighs, I captured my bottom lip between my teeth and let out a sigh as my cunt twitched with arousal.

That feeling, that twitching, that tingling beckoned my fingers to my clit and they circled and massaged in a way I had never considered doing to myself before. To my own surprise I moaned out loud, my eyes flew open worried at your reaction and I saw that you too were touching yourself.

My eyes fluttered shut and I relaxed a little more, seeing you embrace this act helped me do the same. I dipped my fingers curiously at the hole you so often frequented, slowly and gently moving around and inside. It was barely enough to count, but it was enough to get my pulse racing as my other hand flicked back and forth over my clit, rhythmic and firm the sensation it caused pulling me towards a feeling I knew well but rarely created in myself.

It was only one finger that moved deeper inside and I marvelled at the warm fleshy insides of my cunt as my finger probed trying to find a spot that might compliment the attention my clit was getting. Just as I found it, just as I realised I might actually make myself come with just my own hands I heard your breathing change.

I opened my eyes; yours still firmly closed, your position shifted. Leaning further back, one hand propping you up as the other hand worked furiously against your throbbing cock. Without thinking I began to mimic the pace of your own wanking, I stopped thinking about how I was touching myself, all I could focus on was how good it felt, further encouraged by how good you were clearly making yourself feel.

When the walls of my cunt began to spasm against my single digit I became aware of how close to orgasm I was, I let my head flop back onto the pillow, as my eyes fell shut once more and I gave into the tingles and the tightenings as I clenched and came and crumpled into darkness, where nothing existed except the afterglow of pleasure.

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