[Erotica] Dirty Little Mouth

‘Bring me that dirty little mouth.’

Arousal flutters inside her at the sound of his voice. When she turns to walk towards him she sees his cock is out. Fully erect. Demanding her attention.

She kneels before him as she knows it is required and without saying a word she opens her mouth. He can ask for any part of her, but today he specifically requested her mouth and how right he was, it was dirty. Just like the rest of her.

Her tongue knew, used and revered the dirtiest of words. Her lips had parted for more cocks and cunts than she could count. As for what she’d swallowed, well, there wasn’t much she hadn’t.

His cock pushed into her mouth; slow and gentle. She moaned with the desperate need to have him fuck her face hard and fast. The need was growing within her, that aching cunt deep need to be a receptacle for the dark, filthy things he liked to do to her.

Instead of giving her what she wanted he pulled out. Leaving her mouth bereft and her ability to stay silent nonexistent.

‘Fucking hell! Please, let me, I …’

Before she could finish her sentence he thrust his cock back into her face and she sucked, licked and salivated as if it were giving her life. Her eyes rolled back in her head, her heart raced and her cunt was dripping with sorrow that it too was not filled with hard, fuckable cock.

She wanted to grab his arse, to feel him clench beneath her palms as pleasure took hold, but he was sitting in a way that made this impossible. Instead, her hands roamed greedily over his body, chest, thighs, arms, hands, feet. Any and every part of him enhanced her desire to choke herself on his cock as she brought him closer and closer to orgasm.

When the moment was right a free hand began to tug gently at his balls. His moans escalated, his hips began to buck. She increased the pressure on his balls, her mouth still keeping its own pace. He gripped her hair and forced her dirty little mouth to stay still while he shot his load right into his chosen eager and willing hole.

He pulled out of her as she coughed and swallowed, coughed and swallowed. Her tongue rescuing a dribble of cum as it escaped her mouth. She smiled, the kind of smile he only saw after he’d done terribly wicked things to her.

‘That mouth of yours does a whole host of dirty to things to brighten my day, but goddamn that smile is just the prettiest fucking thing I ever did see.’

She smiled even wider before her lips found his, because kissing him was another thing her dirty little mouth loved to do.

Inspired by Friday Flash #49

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