[That’s My Kink] All Hail the Nipple Clits!

Earlier on this week I shared some images for Lingerie is For Everyone that showed my nipples. If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time and have perused my Sinful Sunday images then you will have seen them once or twice before then too. What I’ve never written about though is how nipples are one of my kinks.

Let Me At ‘Em

Unless a partner mentions that nipples are out of bounds there is a good chance I am going to take my mouth, place it upon their nipples and lick, suck and potentially nibble to see what kind of reactions I get. If I am playing with a partner who has very sensitive nipples I will gladly keep this attention up for as long as it takes to get them hot and bothered. If I’m playing with a masochist who likes nipple play and I can also bite, pinch and attach nipple clamps to their nipples I will delight in performing these actions too.

My Nipples Think They’re Clits

Yes you read that correctly. In my non-kink days I always wanted hot action for my nipples but rarely received it. When I joined the kink scene that changed and nipple attention was easy to come by and I realised very quickly that it held the key to awesome levels of pleasure.

When my nipples are stimulated it is honestly as good as having my clit licked. They perform in almost the exact same way as a clitoris, except there is two of them, so the fun is doubled. Having a hot warm mouth envelope my nipples, with a tongue flicking over them whilst giving them a suck is one of the most arousing things that can happen to me. It makes me breathless, wet and seriously down to fuck.

It does take some focused attention but I have on a couple of occasions had nipple-gasms. Not just nice body sensations from have my nipples licked but full cunt clenching orgasms from freakin’ awesome nipple stimulation. Vaginal orgasms aren’t that easy to come by, clitoral ones more so, but still not a given. Which means the reality of my nipplegasms is quite special to me.

If nipplegasms are something you like to read more about then head to FrolicMe where Posy Churchgate wrote a feature for them … ‘Nipplegasm – No Longer the Unicorn of Sexual Experience.’

Bring the Pleasure! Bring the Pain!

As well as being massive pleasure sluts my nipples will also welcome some sexy pain now and again too. Nothing too hardcore, maybe some biting, a little bit of pinching and nipple clamps definitely have their place.

The moment of nipple clamp usage that I most enjoy, on both myself and other people is the moment of removal. That sweet, evil moment when the blood rushes back to the surface of the nipple and simultaneously you feel exquisite pleasure and searing pain. I love both being subjected to that and knowing as I clamp someone else’s nipples that they too will experience that sensation.

Biology, Bling and Babies

There’s a lot of B’s when it come to nipples, including the fact they are attached to my boobs. When discussing nipple pleasure a few questions do seem to arise. The first of which is how do my nipples present in terms of appearance and general nippleness. My nipples are outy nipples and they are always some form of erect. If I go braless they will show.

Both nipples have been pierced and they did not take kindly to that invasion. Nipples are typically slow healers (of course there are some exceptions, so don’t @ me) and mine were the slowest of the slow. Which means they had to come out. I wasn’t willing to sacrifice nipple pleasure for the sake of healing. It’s a shame in some ways because I find nipple piercings incredibly sexy. For proof of this statement I would like to direct you to Focused and Filthy and her catalogue of jewelry changes and gorgeous image from Marie Rebelle in ‘Oops, I Did It Again …’. Alas it I shall enjoy this kind of sexy in others and my nipples will remain bling free.

As most of you will probably know I have had a baby, said baby is now 7 years old, but the memories are still strong of how pregnancy affected my body. In terms of boob and nipple joy, pregnancy made everything more awesome. My boobs went up about three cup sizes, which was an interesting experience. After giving birth they did shrink down, while I returned to an a-cup it was a much fuller and yummier boob than I had previously had which was marvellous for me. The nipple sensitivity that had always been there did however increase. I don’t know how or why, but pregnancy seemed to have a positive effect on my sensitivity and ability to receive sexual pleasure.

Kink, Sex or Solo

I know the whole series is called ‘That’s My Kink’ but some of the ‘kinks’ will be things I enjoy in a more non-kink sex scenario. Nipple play is not that occasion though. I love a good dose of nipple attention during a vanilla shag fest just as much as I love to force my nipples into Bakji’s mouth while I’m going hardcoreFemDom on his ass.

Nipple fun is also an activity open to all people I might play with. Some things, as I’m sure you’ll all understand need to be worked up to. Trust levels built and intimacy grown before you’re ready to engage in certain sexual activities or kinks with a new play partner. Nipples however are definitely an any level intimacy act. Provided we’ve consented to play together. If you see me at a club and we’ve never chatted before please do not randomly suck on my nipples, this would be very weird.

An interesting part of my joy of nipple play is that it doesn’t work when I’m alone. The nipple clits are only fired up when I’m getting it on with someone else. Which I’ve made my peace with, but I won’t lie, I’d love to know what a solo orgasm could be like if I could engage the nipple clits when I’m playing alone. I’ve tried all the tricks I know though and those damn things are clearly revved up by another sexy person getting involved and I can’t say I blame them. I feel the same about masturbation in general, it’s way more fun when I’m not doing it alone.

That’s all the words I have for this topic, however I think it would be remiss of me not to end on this particular note ….

Image originally shared as My First #Boobday

17 thoughts on “[That’s My Kink] All Hail the Nipple Clits!

  1. Hey Floss – great post! I can have nipple pleasure on my own – I love working up from gentle to rough, but since having my first nipplegasm I seem to like it rougher and rougher – go figure? But I agree – the correct kind of nipple suck (similar to the strength needed for a love bite) induces very sexy pleasure.

    1. Thanks for the mention Floss! I’m glad you like my jewellery. I too love nipple play and enjoy the fact I only have one pierced because I like feeling the difference. I have only had nipple orgasms only once or twice in my life but they were amazing.
      Love the post.
      Missy x

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  3. Hi Floss,
    My nips got more sensitive after pregnancy too, and also my overall ability to enjoy sexual pleasure. Weird isn’t it? But I’m not complaining!

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