[Photography] Erotic Exposure

When I saw the prompt for March was ‘Double Exposure’ I felt sure I wasn’t up to the task at hand, but I surprised myself by creating something I was keen to share.

I’m sure there are technical aspects my image is lacking, but it made so much sense to me in terms of the duality of life and personality when you undertake kink and sex blogging as part of your lifestyle.

Wherever I go and whatever I do I am both of the women in the image above. When I’m wearing clothes I’m still the woman who feel liberated by sharing erotic images. There is light and dark within me, as there is in all of us. My identity is not hidden as such, my face is here, on Twitter and on Instagram and I have tattoos that make me easily identifiable, but in many ways I have a private persona that does not make it to the internet and I feel like is reflected in only one facial photo being involved in creating the above image.

The main aspect I love about this image is it appears as if I am holding my own arm, and I think this is a huge part of surviving social media especially as someone who shares overtly sexual content. You need to be willing and able to offer yourself support, yes you can lean on others, but we need to give ourselves a boost sometimes and cheer ourselves on.

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