[Photography] My First #Boobday

I’ve managed to get myself caught up in a web of self-imposed pressure with regards to how things should be happening in terms of my blog content. It is ridiculous and I should give myself a break, but it is what it is.

This week however I have been over-tired, full of sniffles, recovering from relatives visiting, which while lovely left me with zero time to myself and still working, parenting, podcasting and blogging. I was still telling myself blog inspiration must be found though.

I managed it on Wednesday when the well of words was dry thanks to Sex Bloggers for Mental Health and I shared Living With and Learning to Love My Body on a day I was convinced I wouldn’t have any words for that day. Thursday had a scheduled post that had been prepared a while back and that brings us up to today.

I know I could quite easily not post anything today. The world wouldn’t end, no one would care and I could just return when inspiration struck. I can’t explain why doing a post today matters, because I’m not sure even I know, but apparently, it does and when I read Don’t Forget To Play #Boobday by The Barefoot Sub I was inspired.

I may not enough words to inspire a blog post to wow or erotica to woo but I do have boobs and I’m really quite enjoying them these days. They’re different to how they were in my twenties, and I think the last six months has maybe seen them change even more so, but I’m kind of into it.

I haven’t taken part in #Boobday before which is hosted by Hyacinth through her blog A Dissolute Life, though I have enjoyed many of the images that have been taken for it. If this is your first time hearing about #Boobday or Hyacinth’s site, then I suggest you check them both out.

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