[Photography] I am … Wolf. Warrior and Queen.

#SinfulSunday, Erotic Photography / Sunday, March 31st, 2019

‘the king said you were his property,

and told you to bow down before him,

but you are a wolf,

so you barked out a laugh,

wrapped your claws around his throat,

and whispered;

i am a warrior, a queen,

and i belong to no one.’

wolves don’t bow before men – k.s

27 Replies to “[Photography] I am … Wolf. Warrior and Queen.”

  1. These are sexy image so but the poem that goes with them really adds to the effect. Brilliant and I love the power and the confidence.

  2. I am a fan of an unusual angle and crop. The stripes dissect your body like armour or cords and this chimes with the words you have put with them.

    1. I love comments like this I always know why I’m sharing my images and why I like certain words with them, but it takes other people to give me insight like this into the why thank you for stopping by

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