[Photography] I am … Wolf. Warrior and Queen.

‘the king said you were his property,

and told you to bow down before him,

but you are a wolf,

so you barked out a laugh,

wrapped your claws around his throat,

and whispered;

i am a warrior, a queen,

and i belong to no one.’

wolves don’t bow before men – k.s

27 thoughts on “[Photography] I am … Wolf. Warrior and Queen.

  1. HOT. The photos and the poetry both. I love all black and white texture and contrast in the bottom picture especially. Really fantastic.

    1. Thank you ☺️ And you described the moment very well, so it’s great to have captured it just so

  2. These are sexy image so but the poem that goes with them really adds to the effect. Brilliant and I love the power and the confidence.

  3. I am a fan of an unusual angle and crop. The stripes dissect your body like armour or cords and this chimes with the words you have put with them.

    1. I love comments like this I always know why I’m sharing my images and why I like certain words with them, but it takes other people to give me insight like this into the why thank you for stopping by

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