[Erotica] Beasts Unleashed

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I’m tired, and the relief my weary body feels when it makes contact with the bed is in itself an almost orgasmic state of being, however, I’m not and never could be too tired for you.

You gaze at me as I spread my legs, my short dress riding up my hips, my hands moving across my own curves, massaging, kneading, creating more relief as my flesh begins to relax beneath my fingers tip.

‘May I help Mistress?’

My cunt clenches at both the timber of your voice and the request it makes. I give my consent and you begin to undress and as you do so I continue to caress my own body, pushing my own clothes aside as I do so, the sight of your taut, muscular body and then you erect and eager cock has me undulating with desire before you’ve even touched me.

You kneel at the foot of the bed, slowly, crawling up the bed towards me. It’s usually me who does the teasing, your torturously slow approach is just as well executed as everything I often do to you.

‘How would you like it, Mistress?’

You’re polite, but the twinkle in your eye tells me you already know what you’d like to do, asking the question is part of the fun though. Being given permission to act as you please is part of what will drive your passion as you fuck me.

‘Any way you like, you’ve been such a good boy lately, this can be your reward.’

Your eyes flash, with a much-welcomed wickedness, your cock twitches and your hands slide up my legs, being sure to bypass my cunt as they made their way to eager nipples, my back arching as your palms rub against them.

I close my eyes as I fall into the feel of you, I lose myself in this chance to relinquish control, to let you guide my pleasure and curate my climax. These sessions are rare, but goddamn when they happen they are worth the wait.

You busy yourself with everything but my cunt, which as a result of this lack of attention, is aching, with a throbbing need that I am close to begging to have rectified. Begging is your job though, and enduring the deep, burning need will just make it feel even better when you finally sink your fingers or your cock into the warmth and wetness that is most definitely ready for your attention.

When you finally see fit to slide inside me, the fast, frenzied fucking does not last long. The urgency and desperation it triggers in us both is exquisite. Fast, hard, deep your body crashes against mine with every thrust, as I rise to meet you increasing the force with which our bodies collide.

More is never enough when we find ourselves in moments like this. Biting and scratching as if the pain will satisfy the need fucking cannot. Our voices are shrieks, not mere moans, as beast on beast we abandon any sense of propriety, if that is we ever had any.

When our bodies have reached the desired point of ruination they give in simultaneously. We fall into, onto and against each other as violent orgasms tear through us, forcing us together in the most intimate of ways as the world falls into darkness, my hands clutching at your body as your weight rest upon me and I ponder the fact you have likely earned yourself another reward.

Post inspired by Masturbation Monday Week 237

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  1. When my man and I first got to together we would bite and scratch too and practically tear at each other – was urgency I think x

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