Boobs, Eroticon and All the Feels!

There was only one post I could imagine sharing today. Boobs because Friday means Boobday and some thoughts on Eroticon, thought they will be brief as there is still much getting ready to be done!

I am beyond excited to be heading to Eroticon today, meeting and getting to know some of my fellow bloggers in person is a wonderful opportunity that I thought might pass me by again this year. I have a list of folks I know I’m eager to talk to, and then there are the folks I don’t know but will joyfully discover while I’m there.

That’s not to say it’s all excitement and positive thoughts though. The nerves have set in a little today, and the last weeks or so impostor syndrome has been creeping in. Which is as we all know is most unhelpful and not at all pleasant.

I have no doubts that my fellow bloggers will put my mind at ease on all fronts when I see them at the Meet and Greet this evening though, and again we’re back to excitement as the realisation that this actually, for real gets to happen today floats back into my mind.

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