A Shout Out To Some Excellent Women

Yesterday was International Women’s Day and like every day the woman online astounded me. I am blessed that next week I will get meet a whole host of these women at Eroticon. Those of you I don’t get meet will forever be on my list and if I’m ever in your town or you’re ever in mine, then coffee and cake is a must.

As today is Share Our Shit Saturday I want to share some blogs with you from some amazing women that continuing to inspire, support and encourage other bloggers, while also moving forward themselves, even when some days it’s damn tough to do so.

Photography, erotica, personal essays, how-to guides and podcasts. You name it these ladies have done it between them and that only covers some of their blogging endeavours. That doesn’t scrape the surface of what they’ve done in their offline lives. Some of that they share, some I’m sure they don’t, but more than one of them has faced challenges in life that would test anyone of us and they rise like a Phoenix from the ashes and the strength and courage they have to do so is admirable.

Every day I see women making waves in the world, disturbing the patriarchal peace, demanding better from the world and generally causing unease in the people who are trying to keep them down. Yesterday this was even more apparent, but rest assured it isn’t just that one day that you have to watch out for women, every damn day they are coming for the world and underestimating them, assuming they won’t make a change or rise against what is wrong is a serious misjudgement.

I adore all the people in my life, but today I want to specifically declare how much love, respect and admiration I have for the wonderful women I am blessed to know and have known. I know offline friends read this, and I mean you too. I have beautiful, intelligent, kind and accomplished women in my life and fuck me if they don’t make me feel damn lucky to know them. Same goes for my online pals, most of whom I’ve never met, but that doesn’t alter my regard for them, or my desire to cheer them on and see them soar.

Ladies, I love you all and thank you for being awesome human beings, I know some days it takes all our effort just to get out of bed and make a cuppa but that doesn’t stop us being badass. Below are 15 of the women whose blogs and online presence make my days brighter.

13 thoughts on “A Shout Out To Some Excellent Women

  1. Thank you lovely lady – would love to be meeting you next week but hopefully another time – I get down on the south coast now and then x

  2. Thank you so much for these lovely words and for mentioning me. Looking forward to meeting you in person next week.

    1. Absolutely I’m just replying to comment here and can’t believe how many folks I get to meet in under a week now

    1. You know what Brigit, I wasn’t feeling great when I wrote it but saying nice things and sharing come love really helped so I’m pleased that it made you feel good too ☺️

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