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I’ve always known I was watching the wrong kind of porn for me. It’s always taken me far longer to find one suitable clip to turn me on than the time it took me actually masturbating. I will confess the reason I wasn’t watching porn that was more suitable for me is habit, laziness and the desire to keep my costs low. However, I think there is not going back for me know because I had the pleasure of reviewing an episode of Crash Pad Series Porn and I am hooked.

The Episode

The episode I was sent to review was Episode 280: Bambi Belle and Denali Winter. It’s a pet play episode in which Bambi is playing possum and Denali has the very fortunate task of taking that possum. There is magic wand play, oral sex, some rope play, spanking, cute and sexy outfits and much more. There’s also a fair amount of fishnet and lipstick marks left on Bambi’s skin and I am so into these things it was going to be impossible for me not to love this episode.

The Action

One of the reasons the porn I’ve been watching up until now hasn’t exactly been earth-shattering for me is because it has never resembled the actual sex or kink I have. For the first time ever while watching the content provided by Crash Pad I am viewing porn that I can truly identify with.

As a switch, I could identify with the actions and reactions of both Bambi (the bottom in this scene) and Denali (Top in this scene) and that was a glorious find. Seeing the genuine whimpers and wriggles of anticipation and excitement from Bambi and witnessing both Bambi and Denali laughing at various points in the recording had me grinning from ear to ear.

A sex act I’ve always hated watching as part of porn is oral sex, the whole tip of the tongue barely touching the clit stuff does my head in, because I can tell you right now, that is not how my oral sex happens. When I saw this episode had oral in it I was bracing myself to be disappointed again, but I needn’t have worried, Bambi delivered oral sex to Denali in a way I 100% approve of.

Throughout the entire episode not only was it a joy to watch two people with a genuine connection engaging in sexy and kinky fun, but it was also awesome to see it being fun and flirty as well. This is exactly how my sexy times work and it turned me on to see others enjoying themselves in a similar fashion.

What Else Did I Enjoy?

I enjoyed seeing genuine representation in my porn. Don’t get me wrong I love fake boobs and super flat tummies, but I also love natural boobs and fleshy tummies and Crash Pad isn’t just churning out stereotypical porn with stereotypical porn stars in. We are getting real bodies, enjoying real sex and real kinks and that is so seductive. We also get real sex faces and genuine orgasms, which make the fake porn orgasm way more noticeable!

Another thing that made me relate to this particular episode was the communication and conversation between Bambi and Denali. It’s not all fake porn talk, it the kind of real-life conversation that can occur during sexy times. Which means that when it gets super sexy, Denali I’m looking at you with ‘I’m going to come all over your pussy’, it’s even hotter and I won’t lie kind of makes you want to be in on the action.  

Is This Porn For You?

I’ll be completely upfront and say that as with everything in life maybe this episode, and Crash Pad content, in general, isn’t for everyone. However, if you identify as queer, or you fall anywhere on the LGBTQ+ spectrum then yes, there is a really good chance this is for you. I also think that there is so much great content here for kinksters, especially people who are kink curious but don’t want to be bombarded with some the more extreme clips they’ll find if they type their specific kink interest into somewhere like Pornhub!

I’ve often said both here and on the podcast that I can find masturbation a bit dull. Between my Doxy and devouring every episodes of Crash Pad that I can I think perhaps that might cease to be true. Why not give it a go yourself and see what I mean.

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  1. I’m feeling curious to check it out for myself now Floss (and that is a good result from reading a review!) Thanks for this.

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