[Kink] What Will February Bring?

When this post goes live it will be February 1st 2019, and the subject for this week’s Erotic Journal Challenge is ‘What would you like to explore in your sexuality over the next 30 days?’. Which is a great question for me to answer.

Bakji and I have become very adept at sharing the things we hope to try together and our kinky to-do list is exceptionally long, because getting time to tick items off the list isn’t as easy as one would like. However, we’ve had a dry spell of kink over the last couple of weeks due to me being exhausted and Bakji being a little under the weather and Friday is our next chance for kinky fun. We also have Torture Garden on February 16th and hopefully some other at home sessions will become possible too.

One of the things I have realised is that deciding to add too much into a planned scene when we’ve not done kinky things for a while is never a good move. Keeping it low key, with the focus on one or two elements always seems to work better. For our upcoming scene this week I am hoping to work towards there being more of a focus on my pleasure, which is something I am not great at including in our FemDom scenes and is an area I’d like to improve upon.

I have an idea that involves Bakji being restrained, but with the option for his arms to be free which will allow him to touch the parts of me he is instructed to. The restraint over the rest of his body will prevent him from getting too cocky though and trying to take control of the situation.

I am hoping to wear something incredibly sexy which will increase the element of tease and encourage the desire in him to break free and ravage me, which absolutely will not be allowed and will cause him utmost frustration and in turn, watching these feelings take hold of him will arouse me and amuse me in equal measure.

We also have a new toy to review, the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo. I wrote a review of the Pocket Pulse for May More and we didn’t have the best of success with it. Here’s hoping the Pulse III Duo is a better fit for our needs. Either way, we will be giving it a thorough testing, and I suspect this will happen on Friday too.

As for the rest of the month, as I said we have Torture Garden on the 16th and while I try not to pin too many hopes on events it is hard not to hope for a little bit of sexy action. As regular readers will know Bakji and I are non-monogamous, what this means for us is that we play with others, but aren’t actively dating other people. Events, however, are usually an opportunity to play with others. This might be a little bit of smooching, spanking or perhaps something more sexual.

We have a couple of friends who quite often take their hitty things to events and I’m nearly always up for getting my bum spanked, so I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t contemplated exploring this again in the next 30 days. My last spanking was back in November, so I think I’m well overdue for another spanking session.

I asked Bakji if there were any things he would like to explore in the next 30 days and his answers were ‘pain’ and ‘sexy mantras’. One of which we’ve done, one of which we haven’t. Bakji recveiving pain is something we have explored, but his masochism is intrinsically linked to being exceptionally turned on, so I have to play with it very carefully and when I gauge to mood to be right. He has said though that he would like to explore receiving pain more, so I will be thinking about ways in which I can assist him with that and make the pain I inflict on him as sexy as possible.

As for sexy mantras, this is something we have discussed a lot but have never got round to doing. I think it is a good one for him to put forward though and it is definitely something I am up for incorporating into our scenes. Any mantra I get him to say is likely to involve a promise of submission, a declaration of my sexiness and a confession of his desperation. Over and over again until he’s slightly delirious from all the FemDom action.

We will probably discuss long term kinky pans over the next 30 days as well, as this is an ongoing conversation of ours. A few of the kinky scenes we would like to do aren’t possible without a lot of planning, alternative locations or additional people, so we can’t just make them happen on a free weekend. That doesn’t stop us tweaking the plans or discussing why they’d be fun in the meantime though.

Today we were discussing how we’d like to take a couple of days away, somewhere secluded and indulge in some high protocol FemDom. With us both agreeing that the less Bakji knows about this the better. Over the next 30 days, I might actually start investigations into the where and when of this particular plan. I think we are long overdue making one of our bigger plans come to fruition.

I’m going to be reading the other posts linked to this week’s Erotic Journal Challenge with great interest and if any of you come up with better plans than mine I am stealing them.

2 thoughts on “[Kink] What Will February Bring?

  1. I love that you guys have a “bucket list” of things you want to do. I also think your February plans sound reasonable and hot and I hope you get the chance to fulfill them!!

  2. Wow. I read posts like this and feel like such a kink-newb…which I am in action but not in knowledge. I’m married to one man, we are monogamous, though we have played with swinging and threesomes…there have been a few spankings, role-playing, and a few toys over the years, but, I read things like this and just think – fuck, we’re boring, we need to step it up a few notches. That’s not a bad thing…it’s inspiration, that’s all.

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