[Erotica] What Love Is

All images were taken by me and submitted to Friday Flash as prompt inspiration. I can’t wait to see who else is inspired by my image.

The metal is cold against my arse as a myriad of locks digs into my flesh. Secured to the bridge by endless couples in declarations of love.

We are not like them. We’re just horny and desperate to fuck, wandering home after a night of the 3 D’s. Drinking, dancing and debauchery and now I’m getting some of the fourth D.

He spins me round and bends me over, my fingers laced through wire mesh as he fucks me.

I wonder for a moment if I should find someone who wants to fasten a lock to bridge for me, then he rubs my clit and chokes me and I remember that’s what love is for us.

9 thoughts on “[Erotica] What Love Is

  1. Love this ‘down and dirty’ rough sketch of some spur of the moment sex – great piece and I love the pictures.

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