[Erotica] Rear View Mirror

My cock twitches at her reflection in my rear view mirror and I turn in my seat to ask where she’s going. Her eyes fix on mine, as she replies, her hand tracing the curve of her cleavage and I hope to God she books me for another journey.

As my cab pulls into the traffic she reaches into her handbag, and when we stop at the traffic lights another glance in my mirror shows me she is doing her make-up. My cock strains against my pants as thoughts of ruining her perfectly painted face fill my mind.

She completes her look with bright red lipstick as my cab comes to a standstill, the price of her journey flashing on my dashboard, thoughts of her cunt bared in my backseat as my cock slides into her wetness flashing through my imagination.

She leans forward to pay me and my eyes are drawn to her tits, round, full and displayed for all to see. They are gone all to soon though as she departs from my cab.

‘Perhaps if my date doesn’t go well I’ll give you a call.’

Those parting words and accompanying wink as she stretched her long legs out of my cab and onto the pavement kept me occupied for the rest of my shift and thoughts of her led my hand to my cock when my shift was over and I lay in bed wondering how her date went.

This piece was inspired by my alternative option for the Smut Marathon that I didn’t use. It’s in there somewhere but I’m not telling you which bit!

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