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Before you start you might like to read ‘That’s My Kink – An Introduction‘.

Voyeurism is a relatively new kink for me. Prior to late 2017 I always had an awkward feeling about watching people play that made being a self-confessed voyeur tricky. Then I attended a sensual, sexual orgy like event that changed all that.

To paint the scene a little bit it was an organised, ticketed event held at a private home in London. It was one bedroom, one lounge and a bathroom that we had access to. The lounge had all furniture removed from it apart from one two seater sofa and the floor had been covered in soft matting and blankets to make our experience most comfortable.

As the night progressed the bedroom became the hub of sensual massages and quieter, calmer sexual encounters. On the flip side, the lounge became the main area for all the hot body on body action. When you go to a party like this you are safe in the knowledge that no one minds being perved on, in fact for many people being watched is part of the fun. (Exhibitionism you say? Watch out for that in another post.)

I watched so many sex acts taking place that night with wide-eyed enthusiasm and about halfway through the night I realised how much I was getting off on that. Acknowledging that felt amazing, and it began to open my mind to other possibilities and ways in which I could be a voyeur.

That event was also the first time I got to watch Bakji with another lady since our relationship had developed into what it is. The first night we kissed I got to see the same, but that felt like too long ago to be relevant to our current dynamic. To say I was nervous was an understatement, that one night could have caused our relationship to implode. What actually happened though was this awesome feeling of getting to see him doing something he does very well and watching how happy it made him. It was incredibly sexy.

I became very curious about being a voyeur to Bakji playing more often and while we haven’t had lots of opportunities for this yet, we have had a few encounters where I’ve been able to let my pervy voyeur indulge a little.

In 2018 we had our first visit to Klub Verboten. If you’re thinking of visiting please feel free to message for more information on what to expect. Myself, Bakji and a lady friend of ours got the chance to get some threeway sexy on the go. It was a very inclusive evening, which as readers of ‘Three Is The Magic Number’ will know is pretty important to me. There were a few occasions though where I found myself taking a breather from the action or finding myself a more passive role so that I could enjoy the show.

That particular night I also got to indulge in another kink of mine as discussed in ‘Watching Guys Fuck Guys’ in the darkroom/couples room there was so much fucking, and my eyes were definitely drawn to the men engaged with other men. Not only was the action taking place getting me off, but the act of watching was part of the excitement too.

While a lot of my sexy time revolves around kink, watching kink scenes doesn’t get my inner voyeur going. I enjoy that, but it doesn’t arouse me. It’s watching sex that gives me the thrill. I’m also not a secret voyeur, I have no desire to be Peeping Tom and watch people I shouldn’t be watching. For me it’s really only a turn-on if I know I can watch and that I don’t have to avert my eyes if I get caught.

A lot of my kinks have a bit of a complex why to them, or my acceptance of them took a little bit of working towards, none of that is the case with voyeurism. I think it is human nature to be curious and voyeurism of the kind I enjoy feeds that curiosity and as a sexual being, I find it gratifying and arousing to witness the actual acts in the flesh so to speak. It’s the titillation rather than the taboo of this kink that turns me on.

I would imagine that for some people my consent heavy approach to voyeurism would spoil the fun for them, for me though it makes this kink possible. I have high hopes that 2019 will be full of indulgence in this particular kink. In terms of both perving on Bakji play and watching strangers fuck merrily at events and I honestly can’t wait.

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4 thoughts on “[That’s My Kink] Voyeurism

  1. Hi Floss, another great kink exploratory post. I think I may have this kink too, mostly because ‘voyeur’ moments in films and fiction excite me – and yet I feel awkward watching kissing scenes in films! How odd! I am so glad that taking the risk of watching Bakji with someone else was an enhancement rather than an injury to your dynamic – looking forward to reading further exploits!

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