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Before you start you might like to read ‘That’s My Kink – An Introduction‘.

Last week I shared Sex Technicalities: The Woes and The Worries and yesterday my post Exploring Virginity went live I am worried that between the two of them I might seem a little bit down on sex with men and somewhat ambivalent about the sex I do have with them. This absolutely isn’t the case though and there are actually some of my kinks/sexual interests that I actually enjoy more with someone who identifies as male and has more traditionally masculine traits. One of those is rough sex and being manhandled.

One of the things I said I found frustrating in my non-kink days of sexual fun was the million position changes. When actually the one that brings the most pleasure is missionary. In a reply to Kayla Lords, I mentioned how similar to her I didn’t feel this way when someone else was in charge of my movements. If a nice pair of passionate, manly hands want to grab my ass, tits, hair and pull me, push me and pin me into all manner of positions while they fuck me. I am 100% into this.

If whilst they’re fucking me they also want to bite me, slap my face, spank my ass and generally grab any bits of me they fancy while going hard at it then the chances are I’m going to come hard, a lot, while they do it.

There are reasons behind my enjoying this more with men than women and they mostly revolve around physical strength, being rougher around the edges in terms of things like stubble and beards, even down to the hard, penetrating nature of a penis. It’s not that some women can’t provide these things, it’s just that in my life they usually don’t, so this kink has become male-focused for me.

I’ve also mentioned on more than one occasion that blowjobs aren’t my number one thing to engage in. If however a sexy man is inclined to rough me up a bit in order to get his blowjob I am all over that. While I do enjoy some elements of ‘forced’ play, in this situation it isn’t that what would get me off, it’s the roughness and the brutality of it that would have me coming in my knickers.

I’ve often been told that I look delicate and because I’m fairly slim that apparently means I’m at risk of breaking if someone is too rough with me. In reality, I’m pretty hardy, my pain threshold is actually quite high and maybe it’s a miracle but in all my 34 years not one bit of me has ever snapped in half. Whether rough play tells me someone doesn’t see me that way or tells me that they don’t care if they do break me I’m not entirely sure. Perhaps it’s a bit of both but either way, their desire and willingness to be rough and ‘careless’ with me is a definite turn on.

In a somewhat contradictory line of think to not believing I am delicate or breakable, part of what I love about this kind of play is revelling in the idea and fantasy that this is the time I might actually get broken. Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t actually want to walk away from a scene with anything more than a few bruises, but imagining that he could if he wanted to do a lot worse than that to me is absolutely thrilling. In the moment, with someone I trust and with the full knowledge that I am safe.

There are a whole spectrum of things that probably fall into this kink for me, one of which is definitely a hand against my through, especially if it’s mid-sentence to stop me being cocky or to show me who’s boss. As shocking as it is not everybody I play with is willing to bend to my FemDom will and there have been occasions where I’ve found myself pinned to a wall in this manner and it honestly never fails to have the desired effect. Again this only ever works with people who I have some kind of established connection with and who know they have my consent to behave in this manner. Without those things, any kind of rough or aggressive behaviour is likely to result in a very angry Floss.

Interestingly I think this is probably one of my longest standing kinks, but until I joined the kink community I did have the vocabulary to ask for it the understanding of how to do it safely or indeed a partner who wouldn’t have found it a little offputting to engage in. This is just one of the many reasons I am so grateful for the friends I’ve made during my kinky adventure.

As with all the kinks I’m writing about for ‘That’s My Kink’ if you have posted on any the subjects I’ve covered and you’d like to share your thoughts with me please do feel free to leave a link in the comments section, or if any of them inspire you to write your own post then please definitely do that and come back to share it when it’s done.

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