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Not all of the kinks I’m going to discuss for ‘That’s My Kink‘ are going to be kinks I’ve played with a lot. In fact some I haven’t managed to dabble in at all yet. Bloodplay crept into our scenes this year and therefore falls into the not played with a lot category.

Products from MedFet UK

In January 2018 I purchased my first Needle Play kit off MedFet UK, purely because I thought the Sadist within would enjoy pushing needles through people’s skin and I was not wrong. More on Needle Play in a later post though.

What transpired in the first scene that we did with needs was bleeding. As I discussed in ‘Self Discovery Through Sensual FemDom’ beautiful beads of blood flowed from a scratch I created with one of my needles on Bakji’s chest and a feeling instantly flourished inside me that was just begging to be explored.

Like many teenagers, I had a fascination with Vampires, not the extent I’ve read all the books or know all the things, but there was certainly a lot within vampire mythology to hold my interest. The first movie in the Blade series came out in 1998, I would have been 14 and there is a scene in that movie that even then I found arousing, but I had zero ideas that this could be a kink, that if explored it could create awesome levels of arousal and that blood play didn’t have to be a thing of fantasies only.

I always knew I found vampires and the sight of blood fascinating but until I saw the blood released from Bakji’s skin by my own fair hand I had never truly realised that I could use that fascination to fuel my kinky desires. It was a real ‘a-ha’ moment and while it hasn’t been a massive part of play since it has appeared and I’m hoping to continue exploring this kink in the future.

Again as I explained in ‘Self Discovery Through Sensual FemDom’ (apologies to those1525017688008 (1).jpeg who are hearing repetitive information) the first time this happened Bakji commented afterwards on how my eyes went all big and it looked as though I were going to lick the blood off his chest. I won’t lie, I 100% wanted to do that. Consent is everything though and at no point had we discussed the consumption of blood, so it felt only polite to resist. When he confirmed it would have been okay, I knew that would definitely feature in future scenes.

Just to confirm, in case anyone is worried, Bakji Is currently alive and well with all the required blood pumping around his body! But we definitely have engaged in needle play a few times since that first time and needles mean blood, well not always but I try my best for it to go in that direction!

I haven’t yet seen the blood flowing in quite the way I’d like, I’ve still got that to look forward too! My tongue, however, has been wicked and licked its way across those lovely beads of blood and it was immensely satisfying, intimate and arousing.

As with a lot of my kinks, I’m not entirely sure why this is a kink for me, but I do enjoy the darkness of it and I enjoy the fact that it is absolutely not acceptable behaviour in polite companying. It taps into all the facets of my being that love to be bad and deviant and perverse and it also delights my physical senses. The sight of it, touching it, tasting it, it’s all very raw and animalistic and to indulge in it is to allow a part of my inner animal to run free and I love, love, love letting the animal loose.

Interestingly I’m not sure Bakji has any of the same thoughts on this subject, while he has consented for me to enjoy myself with this stuff and enjoys the needle play when he’s in the right frame of mind, I don’t think the actual presence of blood is of relevance to him and I don’t suppose the way in which I enjoy it filters through into his enjoyment of the scene.

img_9035 (1)Sometimes though it isn’t Bakji’s blood I play with, sometimes it is my own and this is also a huge kink for me but in a different way. I’m sure a lot of people will understand the feeling of arousal behind coming on a partner, well that feeling was amplified for me when I made myself bleed, thanks to needle play on the boobies, and then used my own blood to write on Bakji. It was thrilling, euphoric, arousing and a little bit taboo all at once and I loved it.

I have another scene in mind that involves the same again, but with some other fluids thrown in for good measure. I cannot wait for the day this comes to fruition. I really do want to bad, bad things to Bakji and I am certain he will enjoy every minute of it. 

Time for some disclaimers:

I want to be very clear that we have dabbled in blood play only very lightly. I’m not trying to show off with how extreme I am or portray a level of knowledge that I do not yet have. This post is also about me and my kinks and how I feel about engaging in them, if you would be interested in a more informative post then I would be happy to write it and may well do so as a follow up anyway.

If you are interested in blood play, needle play or any other kind of kink that poses a genuine chance of harm being done if you get it wrong then please, please, please do your research first and definitely invest in some good quality kit. I 100% recommend MedFet UK.

Be aware of Blood Borne Infections! Be safe, get check out and for god’s sake, full disclosure is a must if you are going to engage in this kind of play. Not just for infectious diseases but if you are prone to fainting, on blood thinners, have any issues with blood clotting or find cutting a trigger then this is likely not to be for you and that is more than okay.

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4 thoughts on “[That's My Kink] Blood Play

  1. I applaud your honesty here. While the idea of blood play totally freaks me out, I love hearing about other people’s kinks and gaining new understanding. You do a laudable job of explaining things so an outsider can access the emotional and physical sides of this. Also, the disclaimer notes at the end are great. You obviously have a handle on what you are exploring.

  2. Really love that you included that last bit as a disclaimer about infection control. As someone who works awoken blood for a living, blood holds little in the way of aroisal factor for me. My own or others really, but I can see how it can for people.
    I’ve had a little fascination with vampires not so much for the blood as the intimacy and vulnerability factor involved with being dominated (or eaten). That ticks a box or two right there.
    Thank you for sharing! It was cool to read your about this particular link

  3. Lovely exploratory post Floss. I love the dynamic/mythology surrounding vampires but as yet haven’t found an urge in myself for blood play. I’m kinda in Cara’s camp on that. However your post is very informative, interesting and with a wise safety message too. I am looking forward to more of this series.

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