[#SoSS] Sharing Is Caring #19

In just under one week February PhotoFest 2019 begins. I am going to take part this year for the first time. There are faces, well bodies more specifically I am hoping to see getting involved, but I suspect a lot of you are still unsure as to whether or not you should get involved.

In the hopes of inspiring more of you to indulge in the image fest that is February, this week’s #SoSS is all about the image, a tagline stolen straight from Sinful Sunday!

Speaking of Sinful Sunday I’ve chosen my favourite image from each week of Sinful Sunday that we’ve had in January so far.

The first Sinful Sunday of the month saw Marie Rebel share her image Flames of Love which I thought was fabulous. It was sensual and seductive and such a beautiful expression of feminine sexuality.

Over at sweetgirlsjournal in the second Sinful Sunday of the year, we got a great shot including a delightful bottom and a pair of gorgeous red heels in her image Red. She said it was a recreating of her partner’s favourite image and I think I can definitely see why it is an angel he would particularly enjoy.

May More never fails to provide us with gorgeous images and I particularly enjoy her image from last week’s Sinful Sunday Pendant. Though I confess I was perhaps less focused on the pendant and more focused on the lovely curve of her breasts and the cheeky shot of her bottom from a previous image in the background.

The fourth image that I’d like to share is from the Lingerie Is For Everyone link up. Week one got off to a great start and I can’t wait to see the coming weeks entries. Big thank you to Violet for the effort she is putting into getting this new meme off the ground.

I particularly enjoyed the image Pale Pink from lovedyoualongtime. Her images were soft and inviting and they showcased a very pretty piece of lingerie, you should absolutely check out lovedyoulongtime’s other images though because she rocks many looks and they’re all very appealing.

For many of us creating an image to share for 28 days running will be a challenge but Nikki over at Love Is a Fetish is going the #365PhotoChallenge which means we get a sexy photo from her every day. She is creating some awesome images and you are missing out if you haven’t seen them yet. Check out her 365PhotoChallenge Category to see what she has created so far.

My images from this month are below and I hope that more of you will be sharing your images very soon. The spirit of February PhotoFest, Sinful Sunday and Lingerie Is For Everybody is one of inclusion. No matter who you are are, how you identify, or how you present you can share your images in any one of or all of these memes.

In case you missed my posts from the last week they were as follows:

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Lingerie Is For …

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In other very exciting news, the Smut Marathon officially begins tomorrow. Which means all of us who entered will get the first assignment. Please do keep your eye out for the first round of voting and support all the writers as we embark on the Smut Marathon 2019.

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