[#SoSS] Sharing Is Caring #17

One of the things I want to do with my #SoSS posts this year is to make them a bit more varied. The ethos of my blog is to be talk about Kink, Fetish, BDSM, Sexuality, Gender and Relationships (especially alternative ones) in a positive, affirming and supportive manner. Which means I’d like to share more posts from other bloggers that I feel are doing that as well and this week I found quite a few that ticked that box for me. Alongside some sexy erotica to get your juices flowing, both figuratively and literally I suspect!

When some uses words like ‘little’, ‘Daddy’, ‘age play’ etc it tends to send a lot of people into ‘squick mode’. They automatically think they know what it is and judge accordingly. I urge anyone who thinks they know what a little is to read A Little Me by the wonderful Cara Thereon. As I said in my reply to Cara’s post I’m not a little, but I can understand and relate to a lot of it and I think it many more people would if they took a little time to learn more about these kinks.

‘It’s about the care he provides, the direction he provides, the affectionate love he provides. It’s more of a mental state I fall into of being a little child-like in that I know I’m cared for and don’t have to worry. So when I say I’m little, that’s more what I’m talking about.’

– Cara Thereon

Since I started visiting A Queerer Journey I’ve had many delightful visits, pictures are hot, writing is hot. There is much hotness to be had. As I said on Twitter the other day it’s great if you like a masculine body in feminine sexies, tales of fucking and many queer adventures. All of which I love, so I love my visits there. So when Raoul shared On Fucking and Being Fucked I think it was foregone conclusion it was getting a spot on this weeks #SoSS.

‘… I felt fingers behind me, working in the lube and stretching me out, ready for him. I’ve got no idea who was doing it, but if it was one of the women, that’s be even fucking hotter. Let’s just assume it was eh? I heard Helena whispering in my ear about what a dirty little slut I was, and how much she wanted to see me take that big fucking cock in my arse, and Alison warning me that Mark’s cock was fucking huge, and as big as she’d ever seen it, and how it made her eyes water when he fucked her like that, and I couldn’t do more than grunt in anticipation of feeling this fucking monster slide into me.’

– Raoul Duke

When I joined the kink community there were all many of relationships taking place. Monogamous, Polyamorous, long term, casual, friends with benefits, play partners and the list goes on. Yet when Bakji and I embarked on our sexy friendship together, hesitating to call it a relationship and point-blank refusing to use any labels for it, even our enlightened kinky friends were a bit baffled by this. In A Necessary Cushion? Indie discusses her companionate relationship and while it is very different to my experiences I loved it, because at various stages in our lives we will have different relationships for different reasons, they won’t all look how we were taught relationships would or should look like, and that isn’t just okay, it’s wonderful.

‘The following day I was happy to report to CM when he called, that I had not rushed home for a wank but instead fallen asleep thinking about the pleasure of the day. (Note we do talk about sex a lot – its not walled off in a forbidden corner). Wanking had been on the cards earlier that morning, but it was a very different proposition to my more usual fantasy driven, frenetic, (and often isolating) pleasure/pain activity. Long, slow, languorous, it fed on the connection and intimacy I’d felt the day before, resulting in a full body orgasm that took a long time to play out. At that point I realised that we are not only companions but on a deeper level we are lovers, even if we never share in standard sexual or indeed kink activity.’

Indigo at Midnight at the Oasis

Morag over at Moist Musings has thoroughly inspired me with her post Discarding My Virginity. In many ways, I can relate to her experiences, but in other ways, my own story of my first sexual encounters is very different. Which as I was reading her post made me realise I need to tell my own story, so watch out for that post coming soon. As always though I loved Morag’s honest, humorous and sexy account of her first adventures in P.I.V sex.

‘Let us be very clear, I did not lose my virginity; that has always implied a certain carelessness to me, and there was nothing careless about my first time. No, my first time was very much deliberate; I actively discarded my virginity.’

– Morag at Moist Musings

I think it’s safe to say that Ella writes some of the best smut you will find on the interweb. It’s sexy, well crafted, draws you right into the action and always leaves me wanting more. I guarantee you can click on any of her stories and be suitably impressed (and aroused) but for now, you can start with her post Just One More.

‘Damn this cock, I wish it’d keep still. I’d love nothing more than to slip my hand beneath my waistband to give it a little shuffle, but I can’t. Anyone from the houses opposite us could be watching me through the kitchen window. They won’t care that Charlie started it, they’ll just report me for indecent exposure. I could throttle her for getting me all worked up when I’ve got so much to do. I’ve got dishes to finish washing, bread to put in the oven, dirty laundry to wash, clean laundry to dry, dry laundry to fold…’

– Ella Scandal

I’m cheating a bit with this last share because it will lead you to not one but two fab blogs. Sorcha has written a wonderful story about exploring our bodies and masturbation inspired by an image from Nikki at Love is a Fetish. Both ladies are fabulous and well-deserving of your time. Sorcha’s tale of masturbation, Mirror, Mirror, is not only sexy but also highlights the importance of spending time with ourselves and getting to know our own bodies.

‘My orgasm started to build. I’d had one or two before, so I knew what the first stages felt like. The fluttering was a little more intense than I remembered but it had been a while. I focused the work of my right index finger on stroking the clit and soon it was big enough for me to pinch between finger and thumb. I would have laughed. It was like a tiny penis. But it felt too damn good. I slid two fingers on my left hand into my folds. This time there was no resistance. I was wet as fuck.’

– Sorcha Rowan

We all seem to be snowed under with life, blogging and all sorts of other things at the moment, so there’s a good chance some of you may have missed one or two of my posts this week and that’s okay. Here they are again though just in case anyone would like to catch up.

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Don’t forget all the weekly Meme’s can provide you with writing inspiration and more awesome reads. I’m a Meme slut and try to get involved with as many as I can, but it’s okay to just get involved with one or two.

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