[Photography] Lingerie Is For …

… Boobs.

And bums. And vulvas. And willies. And, well, quite frankly lingerie is for EVERYONE! Violet Fawkes said so and I agree with her, which is why I am giving you a sneak peek of my new bra before I take pictures of the full set I was gifted this week. (Thank you very much for the gift kind friend x)

I can’t wait to see all the wonderful submissions to Violet’s weekly meme. Remember no matter who you are, how you identify or how you present this meme is for you. All people, all bodies, all sexy! If you don’t have a blog and would still like to join in you can contact Violet and she will do a guest post for you.

9 thoughts on “[Photography] Lingerie Is For …

  1. Um, this is super hot. Looking forward to seeing more of you. It. Seeing more of it. The lingerie. Sure.

    1. Thank you Tabitha, I can’t wait to show it off some more. I think it will definitely be a returning photo companion

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