[KOTW] Underwear For Your Undercarriage

I barely know where to begin with this subject, which just goes to show the wealth of conversation that can be had in relation to the undergarments we wear to cover our bottoms and genitals! I’ll start with the basics though and see what adventure that takes us on.

Do I wear knickers?

I have many friends who love going commando, either because it feels more comfortable or because it’s part of their D/s dynamic. I am not one of those ladies! As much I respect the decision to go commando in others I absolutely find the prospect of wearing no knickers myself horrifying. I like wearing knickers. I wear them every day without fail and despite being told I should let ‘my bits air’ when I was a kid I wear them to bed as well. Not doing so would feel so alien to me that I’d never feel cosy enough to sleep.

One of the reasons I wear knickers all the time is because aroused or not and regardless of where I am in my menstrual cycle, I have a very moist foo and quite frankly it’s very distracting to feel that wetness against my thighs or the the gusset of my tights. Especially as I do not have perfectly timed periods, so often that wetness will cause concern and I don’t if it’s regular discharge or sudden onset period. Wearing knickers takes some of the worries out of this scenario.

What kind of knickers do I wear?

I am all about the thongs. When I first met my ex-husband 15 years ago I used to wear black mini briefs, I liked them and found them comfortable but he suggested they weren’t very sexy and said he’d find a thong really hot. Being as he asked nicely, well alongside physically ripping off the knickers he didn’t like at every opportunity, I decided to give thongs a try. I was not expecting to find them comfy at all.

I was wrong though. After a couple of weeks of thong wear, I was converted. I’ve been wearing thongs every day since and I can’t see that changing anytime soon. I have two pairs of full briefs which work really well with a couple of my sexy outfits. While they are comfortable as outerwear the minute I wear them under jeans or leggings they are just so uncomfy. I’ve seen so many people say that no-one really finds thongs comfy but honestly some of us do.

For photographic purposes, I bought some plain white cotton knickers and they were a big hit over on Instagram. I hated them though, they were incredibly uncomfy and having my bottom covered felt bizarre. Letting my bum cheeks hang loose is where the party’s at.

What about on other people?

As much as I have a preference for what I wear, what you wear doesn’t matter to me. If you feel good in your undies then chances are I’ll find them sexy. Likewise, if I fancy someone who chooses to go commando I am absolutely going to be into that too because they are. In the past week alone I have enjoyed images from folks in barely-there underwear and knickers that are closer to full brief un sensible day clothes, and both were extremely appealing to me because overall the vibe of the image was hot or the person sharing the image is someone who appeals to me no matter what image they share of themselves.

I think whatever underwear we are wearing we should be wearing it to make ourselves feel sexy and/or comfortable. Yes it’s nice to wear something to please our partner(s) and I definitely do this too, but on an everyday level, I think the right knickers can really make a difference to how confident we feel. Whether that is sexy confident or won’t bleed down my thighs confident is irrelevant. The right underwear can make us feel ready to take on the world and the wrong underwear can give us all kinds of sads and we definitely don’t want that.

Knickers vs Panties

Some people have really strong feelings on whether the term knickers or panties is used and honestly, it’s never going to be the hill I die on and I use both quite happily. I tend to use knickers or specify ‘my thong’ in everyday life, but I do use panties a lot for erotica.

I think panties has quite a flirty, playful feel to it, which is why I think it lends itself well to being used in erotica. I know some people disagree though, to the point that it will put them off a story where panties is the frequently used term for underwear. We can’t please everyone though and I say much like what you wear use the term that feels right for you. Both in your personal life and in your writing.

Should certain people wear certain knickers?

Yes and no. As I’ve said wear the knickers that are right for you. Beyond that though, no, there are no barriers in my mind to who can and should wear knickers. Whether they’re covering a vulva or a penis is irrelevant to my mind, so long as you feel good in them. Good might mean secure and well supported, or it might mean too much jiggle will set a testicle free. If someone tells you that your size means you should wear a specific type of undies they suck and you shouldn’t be friends with them. If someone says knickers are for ladies only and you shouldn’t be flattering your penis with them then they suck too. If someone says you can’t wear boxers one day and knickers the next depending on how you feel that particular day, guess what? Yeah, they suck too.

Life is too short not to be wearing the knickers or panties that make us feel good about ourselves and if someone is getting their knickers in a twist over the panties you are wearing well maybe they aren’t wearing the knickers that make them feel good and you should send them here so I can give them a good talking to.

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6 thoughts on “[KOTW] Underwear For Your Undercarriage

  1. Lovely and informative, with some great humour too. As a fellow ‘moist foo’ owner, I prefer to feel the extra protective layer of knickers most of the time too – going commando is more scary than daring for me! NOT a thong lover myself – they look great with a few outfits and feel comfy for a short while, but after an hour or so I want them OFF! My pet hate – knickers which cut in – that just makes me feel like I’m too fat (for my underwear) therefore I feel critical of myself.

  2. I’m a commando girl allllllll the way. I tend to only wear panties (I’m def a panties girl) when I have to work or be out for longer periods. It’s foreign having underwear on anymore. Strange as I own quite a large collection of underwear. It’s absurd really the number I have.

    Oh and your ass is fabulous. Like I could sink my teeth into that bum

  3. Panties all the way, but then I’m from the USA. I’ve always thought ‘knickers’ was kind of a silly sounding term, not really all that sexy if you ask me. But, that being said, I sure love to see ladies knickers.

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