[That’s My Kink] An Introduction!

FlossDoesLife readers and listeners of #ProudToBeKinky could probably list a fair number of my kinks. Some, like FemDom, get a lot of coverage, others like using gags, are just a fleeting mention. Then there are the kinks I’m curious about but haven’t tried yet, but that doesn’t make my interest in them any less valid. It is the beginning of a new year, 2019 don’t ya know, which seems to me to be a perfect time to start discussing all the kinky interests I have.

We have 52 weeks ahead of us. That is 52 weeks of blogging goodness. Why not bring 52 kinks to the table as well. I’ll be sharing one of my kinks each week and by the end of the year, I’ll be doing a quiz to check you were all paying attention. Maybe there will be a prize to celebrate the reader with the best Floss knowledge.

At the time of writing this introduction, I have 46 kinks on my list. Which means I need to remember or discover 6 more before November!

To give you an idea of what kind of things I’ll be discussing the list is comprised of kinky kinks, so things that fall under the BDSM category of things, sexual ‘kinks’, so yeah maybe fingering isn’t kinky but when a kinky person loves it then it totally becomes of their ‘kinks’, there are kinks of body on there and kinks of the mind. There are things on the list you could probably mention enjoying in front of your family members (sexy accents for example) and the odd one or two kinks that even a fair amount of Kinksters are not into (bloodplay being one them).

As always comments are welcome, and if you see me discussing a kink you have also written about you are more than welcome to leave a link to it in the comments section or if you are inspired to write about one of the kinks I discuss, then please go with that and come back to leave your link at a later date.

I’m also open to suggestions of kink you’d like to see me write about, even if you don’t know if that’s my kink. I’m happy to give my opinion or a general overview of any kink if you feel it is something you as a reader would like to see discussed more. Taboo is okay too, provided there is no question of consent or legality. For example, I don’t mind talking about Scat (as in poo kink, not the music genre) but anything involving minors/animals is just a no-go area!

I’m excited to share all of my wonderful perversions with you, now go forth and be deviant you sexy beasts!

You can find all the kinks I’ve written about so far my browsing through my That’s My Kink Archives.

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