[Erotica] The Lucky Horseshoe

Inspired by the featured image originally taken by May More, who is as talented as she is sexy and as sexy as she is lovely, which means you asbolutely need to visit her blog and show her some love.

The black horseshoe stands out against the iridescent paleness of her skin. Usually hidden beneath her layers of dark hair it is only when she sleeps that I really get to see it. My fingers trace the familiar shape, a gift she chose to give to herself when she needed a little more luck in life.

My mind as always is wandering back to the buzz of the tattoo machine as I pushed the ink into her skin, my usually steady hand unnervingly shaky as my body reacted to her in ways it never did to clients.

She stayed for a chat long after the shop had closed, fascinated by my work and my extensive tattoo coverage compared to her just inked one tattoo. Dusk was falling when my lips met hers, her body looking like it belonged half dressed on my tattoo couch. The door was locked but the studio was small, anyone peering through the window would see my mouth fixed against her cunt.

My fingers are still tracing her long since healed tattoo and my own cunt throbs as I remember how we fucked until we were both starving and made our way to a local restaurant for dinner. How after we’d eaten we made our way back to my flat above the studio but found ourselves in a darkened doorway of an abandoned store, not knowing or caring if anyone noticed our fingers buried deep in the other.

Pulling my mind back to the prsent day and I’m as desperate to fuck her now as I was then. My lips replace my fingers on the back of her neck and I begin to kiss her in a way that is intended to wake her. My hands moving across the blank canvas that is her skin, itching to mark her with both passion and ink.

I feel her stir beneath my palms, her body moving into my touch, asking for more, declaring her need and I marvel at just how lucky that horseshoe turned out to be.

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9 thoughts on “[Erotica] The Lucky Horseshoe

  1. Oh I remember that feeling when you fuck till u are starving – go out and eat and then come back and fuck some more – happy days 😉 x

  2. This is a beautiful love story, Floss. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a tattoo artist and get to put art on beautiful women. I’m thinking of a tattooed girl I know and how my mouth would definitely be on her cunt.

  3. Your knowledge of tattooing gives so much to this story Floss. It’s a tender, sexy and totally believable piece of writing. I was enthralled by it. x

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