[Erotica] Come To Me …

Featured image originally by LittleSwitchBitch and the inspiration for this post.

… in your leather and your lace. Dark, wicked and daring.

Daring me to rip, tear, tease and ruin.

Lean over me. Let us pretend for one moment that I am your prey as you kiss my lips, your hunger for more evident when you moan softly as tongue meets tongue.

Yes, that’s it, lose yourself in this moment, fall into the space between existing and not. The place where everything you are is everything I wish for you to be.

The switch is filpped. You are underneath me. As you always are, in mind if not in body.

Surrendered and submissive you are always under the umbrella of my love.

Here though in this moment you are underneath a predator, one whose hands ache and twitch with the need to torture, tease, deny and destroy.

My fingers fuck, my teeth bite, my words command and orgasms tumble from you, first in pleasure then in …

Can’t. Must. No more. Please. Yes. No. Can’t. Can. Will. More. Please. Yes. Yes. Fuck!

You break so beautifully as you suffer, beg and bend to my will. As I tear the world away from you, leaving you in peace.

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9 thoughts on “[Erotica] Come To Me …

  1. A thumbnail sketch of the dominating mindset, so sexy it hurts! Wonderfully crafted and leaving it with the final thought, while getting off on their agenda the sub gets what they crave too – peace. So very well done.

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