[Erotica] A Married Woman

I arrange myself on the bed, my photos getting more revealing as my confidence grows and that isn’t the only thing that is growing. In the last picture I take my panties are visibly wet. Only then do I acknowledge how turned on I am and I know that once I’ve sent the pictures to the intended recipient I’m going to move my fingers beneath the lace of my panties and get myself off.

As I’m flicking through my images choosing which ones he’ll like best I almost chastise myself for how turned on I am. I’m a married woman, I shouldn’t want this, none of my married friends feel this way, but I’m not them and I do want this. I want it so much. The feeling of revealing myself to him, of being his dirty, naughty girl who sends him sexy images while he’s working and then fingers herself to orgasm so she can confess to it while he fucks her later.

None of her friends do this, they told her so, they all think she’s weird for what she gets up to and the questions regading what she’d do if she got caught are endless. How could she possibly get found out though? Passcodes on her phone, photos stored in locked folders on the laptop, everyone is at work when she takes her photos. Her friends are such party poopers, maybe if they were having more sexy fun they’d be less moany.

Yes, she was sure of that. If they all had what she did they’d be more satisfied. She had a husband who looked after her and in turn she looked after him, he went out to work and she looked after the house. She also had a man who made all her wildest fantasies come true, a man who revelled in her sexuality and allowed her to be the dirty girl she had always known she was. Instead they had sexless marriages and miserable lives, despite the help she’d offered in terms of resources on how to live the life you want.

Her phone pinged while her fingers were deep in her cunt, a glance at the screen told her it was him. She came harder just knowing he’d seen her pictures. When she read her messages they were full of filth. Explicit, graphic descriptions of what he was going to do to her and a picture of his dick for good measure, because he knows that will have her begging for it the next time she sees him.

She pondered again how different she was to all her friends, here she was a married woman, desperate for and aroused by her own husband. Yes, he took care of her practically but more importantly after all these years he still aroused and excited her. Apparently, by now, that should have all dried up and she should be fantasising about the guy who serves her coffee or having a clandestine affair with her boss. Yes, she was a married woman and her friends said she shouldn’t want her husband, but want him she did, with a wonderful degree of passion and frequency.  

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6 thoughts on “[Erotica] A Married Woman

  1. Yes to all of this Floss – about midway I wondered if it was her husband who she was texting – but you red herringed me fantastically!
    Lovely sexy story and easily true – look at me & Mr Churchgate! (I cant say we sext each other, but he loves my stories and the pics I take for my blog.

    1. Thanks Posy I don’t think I’m great at the twists, not like the lovely Cara Thereon, she always gets me with hers, but I do love trying and once in a while I do manage to lead people away from the truth before the big reveal it’s a fun way to get creative and I really enjoyed writing this one x

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