[Photography] Everything I Am …

 … You Helped Me to Be.


I took a few photos for my post Grief and Tattoos. The unedited version of this really didn’t work for that post, but there are certain things about it that draw me in, so I fiddled about with some photo app magic and I really love this version.

There was too much already said in the previous post to include this, but hanging above my head is a picture of my Mum and myself when I was about 3. My Dad took it, who has always taken exceptionally good photos, and we are wandering back to the car and she has just opened a carton of juice for me.

As for the title of my post ‘Everything I am you helped me to be’. While there is much about me and my lifestyle that my Mum would be baffled by or perhaps even a little disappointed by, for the most part, she really did raise me to be a Daughter she would be proud of. Accepting that has been another one of my hurdles.

In 2018 I have received lots of kind and wonderful comments about my blog, my sexy pictures, the podcast and all sort of other things relating to endeavours I am really proud of. The comments I am most proud of though? The number of people who have thanked me for being kind and/or supportive. That is the Daughter my Mum raised, to be kind and good-natured while also being able to kick ass when needed.

So yes, perversions and alternative interests aside (100% that stuff is thanks to my Dad, lol) I have much to thank my Mum for in terms of the person I have come to be.

18 thoughts on “[Photography] Everything I Am …

  1. A very cool treatment of the photo! And once again I say “Awesome artwork!” (With respect to your tattoo and the photo). I don’t know you very well but I’ve always found you to be a gracious and kind person. I think your mom would be proud of you. There isn’t enough kindness in this world and anyone who works at spreading it is someone worth knowing and encouraging. All the best in 2019 Floss! I am so glad to follow you and interact with you!

  2. What a magnificent post and image. It was all brilliantly beautiful, Floss. Thank you for sharing such an intimate part of your life. ❤️

  3. Beautiful art- both the tattoos and the photo- and thanks for sharing your words. It’s important to remember the “good things” we are and have grown up to be.

  4. This reminds me of a painting, you are already a work of art but your pose and the picture of your mum and you lends much emotion to this, I found it a really moving image to look at xx

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