[Photography] Dear Santa …

Real life conversation between me and Santa …

Floss: Santa, before I explain how much do you already know?
Santa: I’ve seen your Instagram, you’re getting clothes and a bible for Christmas!


The joke is on Santa though because I love wearing clothes and I love a bible too, I could make both work for Instagram, so bring it on Santa Baby!

By Eartha Kitt’s logic, I really have been good this year … ‘Think of all the fun I’ve missed
Think of all the fellas that I haven’t kissed.’ I haven’t kissed that many fellas at all. What about folks who aren’t fella identifying you say? Well now, that’s a tale for another blog post indeed … maybe you can look forward to that in 2019!

9 thoughts on “[Photography] Dear Santa …

  1. I learn so much from the SS prompts and this is a transmogrify image – I too have been staring at it and turning my computer this way and that – very interesting working it all out – have loved getting to know u over the year – happy holidays lovely girl xx

  2. I love it! And your convo with Santa is funny – I totally appreciate your GSOH Floss, always comes through in your posts and pictures. Yep – lets get extra points for what we RESIST doing that’d put us on the naughty list, then I would have shed loads of Santa Credit!!

  3. I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking at here, but I love the repetitive ‘V’ pattern created by your mirror/copy edit, especially the way the lines of the outer V follow the contours of your torso.
    Very fun!

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