[KOTW] Can't Take My Eyes Off You

When I first saw the Kink of the Week theme I pretty much noped out of it in my mind. As a bottom, whether that is during a kink session or a getting fucked session, eye contact is definitely not my thing.

If you want me to look you in the eyes during a session where I’m the bottom you either need to wait for that to happen naturally or accept that it most likely won’t happen!

If you get off on requesting someone look you in the eye or eye contact is one of your main kinks or prerequisites for play, I am not the play partner for you.

I hate eye contact in most of these situations and I hate it even more if attention is drawn to it or it is requested from me, even from the most trusted and loving of partners. For the most part, this is because closing my eyes and just letting my mind float tend to go hand in hand when eye contact is enforced I lose my spacey feeling and it doesn’t have the effect on me it seems to have with other people. Eye contact doesn’t make thing better for me, it just ruins the mood. 

I was prepared for ‘eye contact isn’t my kink’ to be the theme of my post, and then, I remembered … I remembered that I’m rarely a bottom these days and as a Top? Oh, fuck me, as a Top looking into Bakj’s eyes is one hell of a kink for me.

Pardon the way that I stare
There’s nothing else to compare
The sight of you leaves me weak
There are no words left to speak
But if you feel like I feel
Please let me know that is real
You’re just too good to be true
I can’t take my eyes off you

-Frankie Valli

One of my favourite things to do is restrain Bakji as much as possible, so he is as immobilised as I can reasonably get him, gag him, then torture him with edging and teasing (not necessarily of the nob variety though). If this restraint includes minimising his head movement too it is even better and if he is stripped of all methods of communication except for his eyes then we are onto a winner.

Disclaimer: even when gagged and unable to make safeword signs he can safeword with a prearranged humming signal, and I am always paying attention to any cues his body or moans and groans give me, as well as checking in at regular intervals.

During any session we have where I Top Bakji his eyes are always the first sign of subbiness, the get this specific sparkle to them which tells me he’s ready to submit and when he finally sinks into that feeling they glaze over and give him that mindless, his will is now mine look that I adore so much.

Quite often that is the look that remains throughout a scene, and it just increases in intensity. Sometimes though I will tease him to the point where he is so desperate to come, a feeling usually enhanced by a serious amount of restraint, that his eyes will fly open when the edging begins to drive him wild and the look in them is priceless!

I have on many occasions said that it looks like he hates me in those moments, to which he stresses that is most definitely not the case. It is a look of pure desperation, pleading and helplessness that seems to culminate in a look of pure fury and I love it! My gut reaction to that look is to laugh. Deep, genuine belly laughter and the feeling that accompanies that laughter for me is pure joy.

I do often use blindfolds as part of sessions but I’ve been doing that less and less lately because the feedback and arousal I get from looking into Bakji’s eye as I Top him is ever so slightly addictive. During more than one session I have actually tailored the elements within our play to try and drive everything towards creating that look in his eyes.

When I do  succeed in getting him to look at me like that I feel like I have won the FemDom lottery and the orgasm that follows that fury look is likely to be explosive and another kink of mine is observing his climax and moment of ejaculation, so I get to win all over again with that too.

It helps that Bakji has the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen, they fall somewhere between a light brown and a dark green, but that isn’t a flat colour it’s a colour combination and in one of his eyes he has got a freckle on his iris which make his eyes even more fascinating to look at.

Even if he is blindfolded though there is an aspect of eye contact that I overlooked, and that is when my eyes make contact with Bakji’s body, and in fairness anybody that I am physically attracted to, but let’s focus on Bakji for the moment because he is hella sexy and my main sexy friends. When my eyes are free to roam and perv all over him I am definitely into that.

In the space of one blog post I’ve gone from hell no to hell yeah when it comes to eye contact, turns out as with many things I am very much into it if I am the one in control!

3 thoughts on “[KOTW] Can't Take My Eyes Off You

  1. I have a hard time with eye contact for the same reasons you do (as a sub). It takes me out of the moment because I feel a bit seen and can’t concentrate. It makes sense from the other way though. The getting to SEE it all and enjoy it

  2. I love eye contact but there are also times when I really want to just disappear inside my head especially when I am trying to come but having said that the moment I feel my orgasm right there I nearly always open my eyes and want to connect like that as I actually come.

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