[Erotica] The Caged Queen

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The creature paced around her cage, she did not seem bored or unsettled, more curious and expectant.

The men looking in at her seemed to amuse her and their idle conversation did nothing to alter that.

‘Wow! When did you get it?’

‘It was a very special Christmas present … from me to me. Would you like a go?’

The man to whom this question was asked seemed unable to believe his luck, his eyes widened as he took in the creature before him while asking…’can I do anything to it?’

‘Yes! Anything at all!’

Offers were graciously accepted, the lock was removed from the cage, though it remained bolted and the man who had seemingly purchased the exquisite creature left the room.

The visiting man approached, visibly nervous as his hands caused the cage to rattle as he freed her from her confines.

‘What a lovely bitch you are.’

At this her eyebrows raised and she had to stifle a laugh, the foolish man thought this was real, that he had been truly given free rein to do whatever he liked to a creature far beyond what his pathetic little mind had ever imagined!

When she stepped through the open door of the cage he began his tirade of instructions.

Get on the bed.

Spread your legs.

Touch yourself.

Look at me.

Grab your tits.

She did it all gladly. As she did she found her body responding to her touch, ripe with arousal as she anticipated what was to come.

He stood before her, displaying himself, his well-endowed cock meagre in comparison to those she had known. Still, he fondled himself, grunting and groaning in her direction as he did so, uttering a slew of profanities that were either meant to turn her on or frighten her, neither of which occurred, she merely found allowing him his little show rather entertaining.

‘Yeah, that’s right, I’m gonna fuck you so hard, dirty bitch will love it though. Little caged whore, probably glad to be out for some dick. Bet you’re gagging for it aren’t you slut? Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll fuck all your holes before the night is done.’

With that he strode towards her, nerves erased by his own inane chatter, and he straddled her, his cock nuzzled against her cunt, dripping as it was excited by activities he could never have predicted. Then when the moment was right, and he nudged forward ever so slightly to fill her cunt … he died.

Yes right there, on the bed, he just died, as she sank her fangs into his neck, her poison seeping into his blood, and the foolish man just died, funny how they did that when you began the process of devouring them.

As all polite creatures of her kind do she moved her meal away from the sleeping quarters, which would, of course, need to be cleaned now, as he did bleed rather a lot. When she was done with her meal she called for the other man who had been in attendance and his demeanour was altogether more humble than it had been previously.

‘My Queen … was this offering to your liking.’

He kneeled before her as he spoke her longs legs pacing around him, as she sniffed and licked the air.

‘Yes my boy, very satisfactory, you did me proud. Now come here and enjoy what he was too uncouth to appreciate.’

With this command issued, he crawled towards her as she lowered herself onto the bed. His mouth didn’t hesitate as it made contact with her cunt. He consumed her in an entirely different manner to the way she had their visitor, but he knew his continued efforts and unyielding devotion where the key to not suffering the same fate as the men he retrieved for her.

13 thoughts on “[Erotica] The Caged Queen

  1. Wow, Floss, I think this is a stellar read. A complete story that gained in intensity as I read. You have some lines I really like, a few… Yes right there, on the bed, he just died… as she sniffed and licked the air… I loved the way you narrated the story, a wicked sense of humor.

    1. Thank you Elliott =D What a fab comment. Especially as in non-blogging life I have zero capacity to be humorous at all, so it always tickles me when that happen in my writing 🙂

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