[Erotica] Sir's Timepiece

‘Time is precious my girl, a fact you are unaware of.’

What she knew about time was that she wanted more of his. Using all manner of schemes to get his attention. Today was both a success and failure, depending on your viewpoint.

‘I need to finish some work and seeing as you are such a dutiful submissive …’

She really didn’t think his raised eyebrow was necessary.

‘… you can help me keep track of time.’

He positioned her on the couch beside him. Binding her wrists and tying her arms so her interlinked fingers settled below the thatch of pubic hair she always kept neat for him, her palms perfectly cupping her mound. Her legs were also expertly bound so that her knees rested up near her breasts. Her ankles tied to her thighs also had no chance of slipping free.

‘Perfect! One more thing and then you will be the perfect assistant.’

Image originally by Marie Rebel

He was sliding something between her fingers until it stopped in its tracks. He made sure to nestle the end of the object against her clit. She knew what this was and it’s lack of ability to tell the time made her squirm. A lollipop that mimicked a clock. Humiliation blossomed within, she, a timepiece that could not tell time.

As he worked he played with her absentmindedly, as if she were an office toy, a Newton’s Cradle or such like. Twiddling the object against her clit, thumbing at her nipples, even pushing a single finger into her, as if it was just something to do rather than to give her any pleasure.

Her arousal soared, she was ready to explode. The position she was in, his seeming indifference, the humiliation, it was all melding within her.

When he finally addressed her it was with both good news and bad …

‘Time for you to come my useless little timepiece …’

She groaned with eagerness.

‘… once I’ve done my countdown. From 10 down to 1 and on 1, you come. If you don’t come? One month of chastity.’

She groaned with dread and anticipation. Orgasm denial was also one of her kinks.

‘ 10 … I’m going to fuck you …’

Noooo! he wasn’t playing fair.

‘9 … I’m going to come inside you …’

Shit! She wouldn’t hold out to 1 if he kept this up.

‘8 … your holes look so inviting … slut .. my slut … mine!’


‘7 … Perhaps I’ll choke you with my cock …’

God YES! Let him do that!

‘6 … Tell me whose slut you are …’

Thank goodness, speaking will distract her.

‘5 … Correct … My dirty, useless, slutty timepiece …’

Fuck! When did being a timepiece become hot!

‘4 … You’re only good for one thing … ‘

‘Please Sir, What is that?’

‘3 … Fucking … Such a perfect fucktoy …’

Uunnnfffff! Sooo fucking close. Cunt clenching. Body tingling. She needed 1!

‘2 … Nearly there … Slut …’


‘1 …’


‘Good girl, you were ready. Stay right there while I fuck your greedy cunt. This time count up, I want to know how many times you come.’

13 thoughts on “[Erotica] Sir's Timepiece

  1. Whao.. One of the crazy thing I just read.. I tried but couldn’t control my boner imagining this situation.. Those 10 seconds were the longest time for her.. Awesome floss..

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