[Erotica] Seduced By Nature

With a flower in her hair and stars in her eyes she was incandescent as she made her way through the world, nature at her heels and a flourish in her step she beguiled all who met her but only a select few would be lucky enough to lay with her.

Today she stood wiggling her toes in the warm grass as she waited for her latest beau. The sun was high and hot, and all around her animals rested under the shade of nearby trees and wandered lazily to the stream to drink and bathe in the cool water.

She herself had spent the morning with her back against the trunk of large leafy oak as butterflies fluttered around her, so many of them were there that they seemed to be emerging from her, as her hands raked through her hair the butterflies seemed to emanate from within those soft tendrils, fluttering into the surrounding air before returning to her and landing on and around her.

She seemed entirely unflustered by her proximity to the many creatures that were with her reach. They were all seemingly aware of her presence and far from being wary of her they appeared to be reassured by her presence, not one of them scurried away as they heard footsteps approaching, the woodland path noisy under his shoes as he made his way to the spot deep in the woods that she had directed him to.

‘Sooo … this is weird.’

She chuckled, they all thought meeting in nature was ‘weird’, their world of concrete, neon lights and technology was far more organic to them than the natural wonders of the earth. Settling beneath the tree again he was soon by her side, wittering on about matter of no importance, still, she listened allowing him the space to shed his material thoughts.

When his voice trailed off he stood up, standing in the middle of the clearing he breathed deeply and turning to here spoke the words they all inevitably did … ‘ It’s beautiful here.’

1544992205203It was beautiful, a beautiful woodland full of flora and fauna, home to many including her. Its existence was dependent on her though and she was in turn dependent on it. This meant nourishing the land and feeding Mother in the most carnal of ways.

Standing to join him, she proceeded to move towards him, her hands wasting no time, she was not timid or hesitant when she pushed her palms against his chest, beneath his cotton t-shirt. He groaned, which was good, he was already eager to have her, to experience her, to ‘fuck her’ as she suspected he’d put it.

She removed his clothes first, before slipping the straps of her flimsy summer dress off her shoulders and allowing it to fall to the floor. He moved his hands eagerly towards her naked flesh, his desire to go full steam ahead clear. She took his hands in hers and pulled him to the ground with her, laying him on his back, placing his hands above his head, she stroked her fingers down the length of his body, insisting that he needn’t rush things and he should just lie back and let her take care of him.

He groaned at this too. Aroused by the idea of her desire for him, yes she was clearly a ‘slut’ he would probably say, so eager was she to access his body, and fill not only her cunt but her mouth with his manliness. In part, he was right, though she cared very little for the accusatory way in which many of those she encountered used the word slut. Her carnal desires and need to have her sacred space filled by them was not to be looked down upon. She was thriving and full of life because she made space for those desires and acted upon them.

When her mouth descended upon his erect manhood his arms moved, his arms outstretched, fingers lacing into the long blades of lush grass. So enamoured with her efforts he failed to know the grass responding, weaving between his fingers and around his wrist, holding him firmly in place, and absorbing his sexual energy.  

Her mouth caressed every inch of his cock, a word she found unpalatable but she couldn’t deny that the further she delved into her explorations of him the more she deemed the explicit phrasings of sexual adventures appropriate. She had seen men of all shapes and size, both in body and genitalia, this one was broad, with toned muscles, lots of body hair and a slight curve to his belly. His cock was of average length but thicker than most she had enjoyed, her mouth stretched as she enveloped it with lips and tongue, and she found this was a pleasant sensation, her body responding as she imagined how that stretch would feel when she lowered herself onto him.

He was so lost in the sensations she was administering he hadn’t noticed himself rooting to the spot where he lay. He was more at one with nature than he had ever been in his life and he didn’t even know it. She always wondered how they didn’t feel the energy of the earth shift into them and their life force fed the greenery that she loved and protected.

Finally, she straddled him and he didn’t so much as lift his head, he just let out a long, deep moan of ecstasy. Her feet burrowed into the soil and her hands danced across her body and pleasure rippled through her, she thought of Mother, of how she lived in everything, the beginning middle and end of all natural things. She writhed against him rhythmically as his cock did indeed stretch her, it felt delicious and it caused her to move against more urgently, becoming lost in her wanton need to cause that pleasure explosion within the walls of own life-giving space.

She held her own breasts firmly as she began to breathe faster, she was filled with thoughts of his seed being sown within her, how he and so many others would assist her in her rebirth. ‘Yes, yess, yesss’ she hissed as her hands moved into her hair and vast swarms of butterflies fled from her now sweaty locks, fluttering down upon her smooth, sun-kissed skin, as their caterpillar brethren were peppered along her feet and calves.

Like them, she would cocoon herself through autumn and be reborn in winter. Using the willing giving seed of men to give birth to her winter being. As they lay alive but blissfully unaware that they would continue to nourish the land as Mother turned green to brown and animals nestled in beds of leaves, nibbling on the food they’d sourced through the giving of spring and summer.

At this moment though, as the sun beamed down upon her skin and the animals revelled in the abundance of food and the safety of her care, she could see his climax building within him, his pure unfiltered joy gaining momentum inside of him as it prepared to burst forth from him spilling his essence into her waiting, eager and grateful body. She continued to move against him, encouraging his pleasure, her own building right alongside him. There were mere seconds between their individual peaks of sexual pleasure, and she stayed stride him as she felt him go limp inside her a sign that their intimacy together was now over.

She gave thanks to Mother Nature for the glory of her world and to the man for his gift, as he was now being embraced by the ground beneath, joining so many others as she returned to her resting spot as her body began to turn his offering into the fabric of her cocoon that she would emerge from on the first day of winter to bring warmth and light to her beloved woodland in its darkest of days.

4 thoughts on “[Erotica] Seduced By Nature

  1. Great story! It made me a little squeamish (I’m a man) but I liked it nonetheless. Most men would probably be willing to die for ‘ultimate sex’!! 🙂

  2. This is beautifully written. Absolutely gorgeous. And also, as light and airy as it felt to read…that end is wonderful and dark (while still somehow feeling light). Brilliant work!

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