[Erotica] Putting on a Show

‘My dick is so fucking hard, I just need to watch a ton of porn and jerk off until my balls stop aching.’

‘Let me watch.’

‘What? Are you joking? You want to watch me jerk off?’

I did, I really fucking did. I was as horny as he was hard, and if there hadn’t been an ocean between us I’d have let him destroy my cunt with his dick until neither of us could walk. Instead, I’d settle for watching him pump his fist up and down his shaft, praying I got the cum shot I was eager for.

We both set up our webcams, his turned on, mine turned off (so I didn’t distract him from his porn), but I was ready to turn it on at a moments notice. To show him what he was missing, I’d parade around for him, titties bouncing, cunt glistening, hands on me and in me, panting and moaning as his name fell from my lips as I begged him for a fuck he could not give me.

When he appeared on my screen he was fully dressed. Turning my microphone on I made my presence and my desires known.

‘Take your pants off you fucking tease. I want to see just how hard your dick really is.’

It was really goddamn hard. When he removed his pants, eyes fixed on the webcam as he did so, I saw an erection so hard and thick that I groaned audibly with primal need.

‘Turn your sound off you dirty bitch, and let me get on with things, you can tell me afterwards how badly you want my dick in you.’

My cunt spasmed at his words. He was filthy and unapologetic about it. His language was appalling and it made me drip with arousal, I was going to cum so hard while I watched him. Probably more than once.

I watched fixated as pre-cum glistened on the tip of his dick. His eyes on his computer screen, his hands gripping the arms of his computer chair as he let himself enjoy whatever view he had, not one for audio accompaniment I was deprived of the sounds that the women in his view were making.

I rubbed my clit as I watched his dick twitch, pre-cum oozing now, his hands occasionally looking as if they were preparing to move. He was holding off though, letting the ache grow deeper, letting the throbbing become more intense. I had no such patience. I frigged my clit vigorously, no desire for a tender touch, and when I came it was hard and fast and had done nothing to satisfy my sexual greed, but it had set my body on fire and had laid the foundations for a more explosive orgasm.

Clearly, he was also ready to start building towards his own his explosion, his hands found his dick, stroking slow and soft. I leaned forward towards the screen silently urging him to proceed with a little less haste. I couldn’t wait for him to speed things up, I needed my orgasm, and I needed it now.

My fingers delved into my wet slit, my body contorted itself into an ungainly position while I proceeded with what would have looked like a frenzied attack on my own cunt. My hips bucked, my free hand gripped one of my jiggling tits, my fingers squeezed until it hurt, a delicious trickle of pain pushing me even closer towards that sweet fucking release. My muscles clenched, my fingers stilled, my mouth opened in ecstasy and I revelled in my own sounds of pleasure.

My eyes had closed as I’d cum, opening them my focus returned to him, his demeanour had changed, he looked like he was listening out for something instead of intently watching something.

‘You turned your microphone on, not surprising really it sounded like you were flailing around a fair bit. Now turn your camera on and help finish me off.’

How silly of me to ‘unintentionally’ turn on my microphone. Now I’d have to pay the price by showing myself off to him. I stood before my webcam, panties off, skirt on, bra rearranged so my cleavage was on full display.

He stroked his dick as he took me in, ordering me to turn, bend and display myself to him. When he asked me to bend over and show him my ass I did so with delight, revealing my bare cunt and reaching a hand between my thighs and stroking my folds.

‘Yess … that’s it … show me how you like to be touched. God, I’d fuck you so hard if I was there. Tell me you want it.’

‘Oh I want it, I want it so fucking bad. I want your dick in my cunt and your fingers in my hair, pulling on it as you fuck me from behind, deep, hard and relentless, but I’d still beg for more.’

‘Yeah? Mmm … ah … oh … Keep going …’

His hand was urgent now, his breathing causing his speech to be punctuated with gasps, moans of pleasure unconcerned with interrupting his words. I sat on my chair and spread my legs, fingers once again filling my cunt, when I pulled them out he looked disappointed, but I wasn’t about to leave him unfulfilled, and my fingers found my mouth and he groaned as his hand pumped faster.

‘My cunt tastes so good, and it is so wet, so ready, aching to be filled, fucked and totally ruined. My tits want in on the action too, I want your mouth on my nipples as my fingers wrap around your dick, I’d make you cum so fucking good. Do you want that? Do you want me to make you cum?’

‘Unff … I … Fuck you .. yes …’

Once again my fingers were nestled inside my cunt, this time my free hand pulled one thigh up as the other rested on my desk. I wanted him to have the best view possible.

‘I want you to fuck me. I want you to call me filthy names while your dick sinks into me and my cunt clenches around you. I want your face covered in my juices from forcing your mouth into my swollen folds. I want your cum on my skin and your dick in my mouth. I want to gag and drool on it as I finger my own clit, getting myself off as you can’t hold back any longer and your hot sticky jizz bursts into my mouth, and I swallow every drop because I’m such a good fucking slut.’

His eyes closed and his face was taken over by a look that only orgasms can create. He cried out and I watched wide-eyed as his belly, hand and thighs were covered in cum as he spurted in a myriad of directions.

‘You realise this was all your doing? Sexy photos for the last few days, webcam requests, not to mention the endless sexts.’

‘Oh no, have I been a bad girl?’

‘You’re the baddest, dirtiest girl I know and there are only two days until I’m back home and your slutty cunt is going to pay for this deviance.’

‘Oooh when did I get my cunt back?’

‘Good point … I’m going to may you pay by destroying the cunt that I own.’

‘I can’t wait.’

And I really couldn’t it would be good to have him back.

7 thoughts on “[Erotica] Putting on a Show

  1. Oh my, that’s quite a show. At first I thought they were more online lovers than real life lovers, but love how you have turned that in your story 🙂
    Rebel xox

  2. I loved it – I loved the wrestle for power, how desperate she was, wringing her first orgasm out so quickly and then the second which he overheard – Oh wow! You know I love the idea of putting on a show for someone. Brilliant stuff, great tension and emotion amongst all the smut!

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