[Erotica] Have Yourself a Slutty Little Christmas

‘Were you just … masturbating?’

I sounded far more prudish than I had planned to but I had to admit to being slightly horrified by the scene before me.

‘Oh come on. You know how much I love Christmas.’

She did love Christmas, but this … this was just … obscene. She was lying on the bed with everything from baubles to tinsel scattered around her, a smooth bauble was still nestled in her palm and I am certain it’s shine would be slightly dulled in parts as her juices began to dry upon it. Fairy lights twinkled all around her and despite my reservations about her choice of erotic inspiration I did giggle, she looked like the naughtiest elf there had ever been.

‘I think it’s time we did something about your aversion to Christmas. You’re wonderful and I love you, but you’re such an unbearable Grinch and I think you owe me for the look you had on your face when you walked in, it wasn’t very kink accepting.’

I hated it when she was right, which was unfortunate, but she was right a lot. I was filled with dread at what devious plan had formulated in her mind, I was, however, willing to hand myself over to her.

‘I want you in that gorgeous red lingerie set you have, then when you’re ready we can start to create some positive Christmas associations for you.’

I changed as she cleared the decorations from the bed and I breathed a sigh of relief, I had visions of her forcing me into decorative submission and I wasn’t sure how I felt about that.

She invited me to lie on the bed and as her body smothered mine, she laced our fingers together pinning my hands above my head, when she raised her head her boobs, large, soft and devilishly enticing taunted me just a hairs width from my face. Attempts to raise my mouth to lick and kiss them were denied, she smiled wickedly as she moved away from me, freeing my hands only to capture my wrist and my ankles in cuffs before attaching them to our under bed restraints.

As she pulled the restraints tight I tested them for good measure and have even less movement than she normally allowed. Often she enjoyed given me a little freedom, allowing my hands to almost reach her, occasionally I would manage a sneaky fondle, which seemed to work in both our favours. I got to touch her and she got to ‘punish me’ for doing so. My punishment was usually being smothered by her breasts or having her sit on my face, her arse cheeks stifling my breathing, then as I took a deep breath once I was freed the scent of her arousal would fill my nose and I’d be eager to add another indiscretion to my name.

Today I was going nowhere and it soon became clear why. Covering my eyes with a blindfold I was unable to see what exactly she was rummaging for. When a new sensation bristled against my skin my mind couldn’t place the unknown yet also somewhat familiar object. It was only as she snaked it around my body, from wrists to armpit, and ankles to arse that I realised she was weaving tinsel around my limbs. I tried to voice my objection but a stern voice warning it would be in my mouth next if I wasn’t careful, was enough to silence me.

She continued to wrap me up in what felt like a variety of things, ribbon and fairy lights were amongst my guesses. I felt embarrassed at how ridiculous I must look and I could feel the shame rising at having allowed her to do this to me, but at the same time I was becoming enthralled by the building ache within me, my mind utterly consumed by thoughts of her finishing her decorating and delving her fingers into something much warmer and much wetter than a bag of tinsel.

Finally, she knelt between my spread legs and I could hear her soft chuckle as she presumably took in the view.

‘You look like you belong on top of a Christmas tree, sort of like a fairy dressed up to look like a star, it’s adorable, and for a Christmas lover such as myself so unbelievably sexy.’

With that said she lowered her mouth to my cunt. No hint of her normal slow sensual build up just her ravenous mouth and tongue pushing and probing within my very needy folds. Despite the feelings rising within me, the tingling, the twitching, the clenching, the ‘fuck yes there’s and the ‘oh my gods’, I was trying not to come. I couldn’t conceivably allow myself to come wrapped in fucking tinsel.

Reading my mind, or more likely read the body she knows so well, her fingers made fast work me, but not before she whipped the blindfold off and allowed me to see just how much of a Christmas plaything she had turned me into. As I groaned, I couldn’t decide if it was from horror or arousal, there was no time to decide though as she pushed her fingers inside me and found the spot she knew would result in my orgasm, no matter how hard I tried to hold off and she was not wrong.

As I lay there in the afterglow of a truly satisfying orgasm, there was one more thing she needed from me …

‘Tell me you love being my Christmas fairy slut.’

The shame rose again as the words left my mouth, knowing she would not untie me until I said it, as she peppered my face with kisses, repeating that I was indeed her dirty, perverted Christmas fairy slut, my cunt throbbed with the desire to do it all over again and I promised to never admit to enjoying Christmas if it meant she’d continue to humiliate me with my dislike of all things decorative.

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    1. Thank you 🙂 it’s funny because I wasn’t sure on the direction for either prompt until I decided to merge them, then it all unravelled x

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