[Erotica] Festive Friends

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‘What are you doing in here? You’re missing out on all the festivities.’

‘Festivities? Is that what you call that horror show out there?’

‘I’d hardly call good friends, plenty of booze and an endless supply of food a horror show.’

‘Ah well, that would be because your girlfriend didn’t break up with you two days before Christmas but still insisted you played the couple until January so no-one else felt awkward.’

‘Christ man, that sucks! I can’t believe Lauren did that. I’ll tell you what, I’m going to grab us some supplies and I’ll come and keep you company until the horror show is over.’

When I returned with a case of beer and enough food to keep us going until morning Callum already looked in better spirits, I suspected it was sharing his woes with another person, sometimes a problem shared really is a problem halved.

We sat on Callum’s bed drinking beer, eating and setting the world to rights into the early hours of the morning, he moaned about Lauren until he finally assented to the fact she’d probably made the right call, his feelings and pride were hurt though and I got that. One look at him though and I knew it wouldn’t take long for him to find himself another girl.

As he stretched beside me, his t-shirt rode up flashing abs that were the envy of all his mates, his biceps were on display in a similar fashion and I could only imagine that the rest of him was just as muscular, all beautifully highlighted by his dark skin, deep brown eyes and a smile that I had seen disarm women with just one flash. I wasn’t even into guys but I could still see the appeal.

‘I know it’s awful, but since she broke up with me my sex drive is through the roof, wanting what I can’t have I guess … can’t stop thinking about getting my dick sucked, and … well, you can guess the rest.’

At the mention of his dick my eyes automatically glanced at his crotch area, he clearly wasn’t joking about the effect the break up was having on him. I could see the outline of his erection through his jogging bottoms and without warning my own body imitated his, my jeans less accommodating than his loose-fitting joggers, I tried to readjust myself without drawing attention my reaction, but sitting side by side on a bed made that impossible.

‘Yeeahhh, I’ve got you thinking about it now too. Maybe we should just do each other a favour, pick your poison handjob or blowjob?’

I stared at him, unable to speak, he was obviously joking, he had to be, but my own thoughts had made answering normally impossible and I just stayed silent, which made it seem that I absolutely had a preference and desire for this to not be a joke.

‘Fuck dude, I mean, I’m joking, but I reckon you’re a bit curious to get in my pants, and I really do want a blowjob, so what do you say? A little secret between friends to celebrate the festivities?’

‘Handjob, that’s my poison.’

It was all I could say, I felt excited, turned on and fucking terrified. I’d heard about girls experimenting with friends all the time, but guys, nah, guys never did this, but we were doing it and my dick was so hard and the throb of arousal ran so deep that putting my mouth on Callum’s dick to see if he felt the same was all I could think about.

He eased his joggers downs, making it apparent he’d been going commando and just uttered the words ‘go for it’ by way of invitation. I positioned my body in such a way that my arse was resting below the pillow of his bed, knees bent so that my legs rested one under, one on top of the pillow. My top half lowered, taking my mouth ever nearer to his cock, tentatively taking in in my hand so I could lift it to my mouth, my tongue flicked out, licking the tip all too briefly, but he moaned and I wanted to hear more of that and without any extra encouragement I wrapped my mouth around his dick and knew there was no stopping me.

He was longer than I was, but not as thick. The girth made it comfortable when he was in my mouth, but the length meant I couldn’t take much of him in. It didn’t stop me trying though and I loved the feeling of the head of his dick pushing against the back of my throat. When I took a break from that and licked and sucked all the way up from balls to bellend, he let out sounds of pleasure but also tilted his hips rhythmically as if he longed to thrust and fill something.

When his hand reached for my zip I adjusted my legs and lifted my arse accordingly to allow him to ease my clothing to free my dock. When his hand began to wank me, with less tenderness than I was used too, but with a lot more urgency and need. I was already desperate to come and he’s barely touched me. This felt dirtier and sexier than anything I’d ever done and I was being propelled into a state of heightened arousal by his touch

We continued like this, my mouth on his dick while he hedged me towards my own climax, stopping every now and again as my ministrations to his dick caused his head to flop back, his eyes closing and that guttural groan of pleasure causing me to increase my efforts even further.

I was worried that once one of us came the spell would be broken and the other would be left, not only unsatisfied but also feeling awkward in the afterglow of confusion and regret. When he became to exhibit familiar signs of climax my own dick responded accordingly, but his efforts calmed as I eagerly assisted his orgasm. When he came it was into my mouth, by instinct to swallow surprising me and the enjoyment I experienced in tasting him even more so.

After a few deep breaths and some expletives to confirm he enjoyed my attention he turned to me, and I needn’t have worried that the second in line for orgasm would be left unsatisfied. His eyes met mine, his hand found its way back to my dick and I definitely wasn’t left unsatisfied.

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