[Erotica] Alice's Adventures in Debauchery

Featured images by Posy Churchgate and used with permission.

‘Alice! Alice! Stop this infernal daydreaming and listen to me, and while you’re at it take off those ridiculous socks!’

Alice raised her gaze slowly and looked at her husband, with a look that could not be mistaken for anything other than disdain. Her loving, adventurous Robert was long gone. His corporate job and his commitment to it being greater than to her had turned him into a dull, unloving and even worse, an unlovable man.

‘You know what Robert? I won’t take my socks off, but I will take them away from you. I’m going to bed, don’t bother following. The spare room is all yours tonight.’

She saw the look of indifference on his face as she walked away, and when she flopped on the bed her mind wandered to the flat she owned and rented out, recently vacated by its inhabitants. Her wild spirit fluttered inside her chest like a caged bird at the thought of being free from the constraints of this life she didn’t recognise as her own.

She fell asleep as plans formulated in her mind and a wonderland of opportunities began to feel within her reach.


Once again she was wearing her ‘ridiculous’ socks as Robert had called them. This time though she was wearing them in a home that was all her own and she was waiting for a knock at the door. She hoped her soon to arrive guest would have a little more appreciation for her outfit.

When she opened the door it wasn’t just her heart that fluttered at the sight of him, her cunt instantly made its desire known and the force of her own arousal took her by surprise and made her excitement for what was to come even more palpable.

‘Those are some very cute socks you’re wearing.’

He gave her a wink as she raised an eyebrow at him and questioned his usage of cute. She knew they were cute, but she’d rather hoped though that combined with her tight black mini skirt and a top that was all about the cleavage that he’d perhaps have used another word to describe her.

‘Yes cute … and incredibly sexy.’

He pulled her into his arms as he spoke, his hands wasting no time in groping her bottom, his mouth kissing and nibbling her neck. She relaxed into him, his strong arms the only barrier between her and the floor. When he scooped her up into a fireman’s lift and requested directions to the bedroom, she giggled uncontrollably until the moment he threw her onto the bed, pinning her wrists down and kissing her with a hard and fierce passion that she had long since forgotten existed.


‘These socks make me want to do bad things to you, and I am blaming you for that entirely. You’re turning me into a wicked man Alice.’

Every erogenous zone she had was enthralled by his words. She had been yearning for years to have someone do bad things to her, wicked, dirty and perverse things. She had seen his eyes twinkle when she had confessed some of her fantasies and had high hopes that tonight might the beginning of them exploring some of her kinkier desires.

‘Do you know what happens to naughty girls who make good men do wicked things Alice?’

‘Um … do they … do they get punished?’

She held her breath as she waited for his response, she could hardly believe that she might actually receive the spanking she’d been craving. The thought of his strong, large hands striking her bare bottom had given her cause to touch herself on more than one occasion. She had been so wet as she’d fucked her own fingers, hips bucking, filling the air around her with cries of ‘Spank me. Fuck me. Hurt me.’ Turning herself on even more as she voiced her own needs out loud. She had come so hard that time that she thought she blacked out for a moment, she could only hope that in reality, it would be half as much fun.

‘Yes Alice, they do get punished. Now get over my knee.’

She stared at him, she had never envisaged it as an over the knee spanking. Like a naughty child. She’d always been lying on the bed, sometimes bound to the four corners, arms and legs spread. Never over his knee though. She thought maybe this was outside of her comfort zone, but she couldn’t help but feel the dampness growing between her thighs, and the ache in her cunt was overwhelming as she positioned herself over his lap, ready for her first spanking.

‘Good girl. Before we start we need some rules. Rule one, you must use your safeword if it becomes too much. Rule 2, you may not come until I say so. Do I make myself clear?’

‘Yes, Sir.’

Her cheeks flushed at her use of the word Sir, they hadn’t discussed that but it had sort of slipped out in response to his commanding tone. They had only briefly discussed the use of safewords in kink, but she knew enough to know what to say and that he would respond to it immediately. Rule 2 though, that was a new one. How was she meant to stop herself coming? Recently she had taken every opportunity to explore her body and had marvelled in the ways she had discovered she could pleasure herself, her toy collection had grown, as had her tally of partners. She’d been fucking and coming as much as she could, and she’d loved every minute of it, and now he was challenging her to hold back. She wasn’t sure she could, but once again the prospect excited her.

The first few times he struck her bottom she struggled to process how she felt, there was a wave of humiliation washing over her and it took her a few minutes to realise that this in itself was turning her on. Once she settled into the sensations both physical and emotional that this new experience was bringing her way, he seemed to react to her shift in body language and his efforts intensified.

The warmth began to radiate from her arse and it felt delicious, she still had her clothes on, he hadn’t even removed her thong and that somehow made the whole situation even more arousing. She was entirely absorbed by the feelings he was creating in her with the spanking, but she couldn’t help but crave his attention on her cunt. She longed to have his fingers probing her as she fought against the orgasm she knew would be keen to grow in her, whether permission had been given or not.

Small cries fell from her mouth when he disturbed his rhythm on occasion with a more forceful blow, they stung in a way the repetitive blows of the same strength didn’t. Those rhythmic stretches of spanking lulled her into a dreamlike state, where she could feel the force of him but not the pain he was delivering. It was in these moments her wetness grew and her body crept towards its own climax. Her cunt twinging everytime his hand landed on her arse. Soft, low murmurs of contentment and pleasure passed through her lips, spurred on by the feeling of his growing erection making its presence known beneath her.

When his hand movements changed and he began to rub her bottom softly, she moaned and felt her hips tilt as she thought of his hands moving to her cunt. Before he did so though he pulled her thong roughly past her buttocks but not removing them. Again this state of still dressed, yet full exposure sent a ripple of embarrassment through her and it was exceptionally erotic.

When he pushed his fingers inside her, he wasted no time with pleasantries. She felt him stretching her as he pushed multiple fingers into her cunt. The noise she made was unfamiliar to her, it was raw and primal, from deep in her belly. When he began thrusting his fingers in and out of her she wrapped her hands around his legs for support, as his free arm held her firm against him and with that, she melted into roughness of his fingers fucking her cunt as she let the animal within her voice its pleasure at her predicament.

Soon enough she was desperate to come, every inch of her cunt was tingling and throbbing with the need for release, from her labia to her g-spot, she could feel the pulsating twinges of a well-fucked cunt. She had asked for permission once before and it had been denied, he’d been convinced she could hold back and go further and he had been right. Now, he had seemingly spotted what he deemed to be the perfect moment.

‘Come for me. Now.’

She obeyed.

She came with a force that she felt should have been impossible, she felt warm liquid splashing against her thighs and arse, as her cunt gushed and clenched and gripped her in an orgasm so violent she actually felt tears streaming down her face. It wasn’t even over, but it felt so good that she was already eager to do it again. This was something she could easily become addicted to, her long unfulfilled curiosity surrounding kink and hedonism had well and truly become her new passion in life.

When she had finally stopped convulsing, swearing and moaning like the orgasmic beast she had become he lifted her off his lap and lay her softly on the bed. She felt him peeling off he socks, which were drenched, though she wasn’t sure if it was from sweat or her newfound ability to gush all over the place.

‘You know I really am a fan of these socks, they seem to bring out the best in both of us.’

‘And to think you used to find them ridiculous.’

‘Yes but then you left me, told me I was a boring, unlovable arsehole and accidentally sent me a sexy picture meant for one of your new friends.’

She laughed, a deep belly laugh, before flashing a big grin at her ex-husband. Who had apparently found himself in her absence and he was now back on her list of people she loved to fuck, but definitely not back on her list of people to live with. Her wild spirit was far too fond of being free in a wonderland of debauchery, she would not let it be caged again.

This story was inspired by chatting to the lovely Posy Churchgate and then having a look at one of her Sinful Sunday photo’s which I had missed. She has very kindly let me use her images for my post and I highly recommend you give her a blog a visit. There is some super sexy erotica on her blog that no one should miss. 

9 thoughts on “[Erotica] Alice's Adventures in Debauchery

  1. This is really hot Floss. This is what I hoped would happen with my ex, it didn’t. Probably for the better. Great story xx

  2. Floss! What can I say? I loved it of course!! It was odd to see my pictures and imagine myself in this scenario but rather decadent and delicious as you know full well I am curious to become more of a spanking and spankee officionado (I dunno if that’s the correct terminology, but it’ll do!)
    You’re just as much an inspiration for me, my lovely, your erotica and blog sharing encourages me to try out new things all the time so I’m happy to have returned the favour. Very kind words about my blogging space – I certainly try to fill my posts with smutty goodness!

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