[Erotica] Panty Passion

I peered through the crack in the door, almost certain of what I’d see and I was not wrong or disappointed. He held in his hands a pair of my knickers, lacy, flimsy and definitely no match for his ever increasing erection.

‘Interesting choice. What made you choose them to wear?’

‘What? I … er …. oh, haha, very funny, no I just found these in my drawer and was putting them back for you.’

‘Or you were planning to wear them, watch porn and have a wank. But now you are going to wear them, not watch porn and be wanked.’

He was frozen to the spot, clearly uncertain as to what the correct or safe response was. Luckily for him, I knew exactly what I wanted and was very happy to make the fun times happen for us both.

He stares at me as if he has never seen me before, watching my hands as they remove his clothes, seemingly waiting for me to reveal that I am joking, or ridicule him somehow. Instead, I continue until he is naked, his erection brushing against my thighs as place a kiss upon his lips, even in his mind’s doubt that this is genuine his body is clearly ready for what is coming.

I turn to my underwear drawer and select a different pair of panties to the ones he had been discovered holding, pink, lacy, ribbon creating lacing across the bottom, they were everything his everyday boxers were not, and the thought of seeing him in them sent a thrill straight to my cunt.

He stepped into them without much encouragement and his sounds of pleasure were audible as I pulled them slowly up his legs and into place, despite his obvious efforts to stifle any sounds he might make. Once they were on him our eyes locked and his mouth opened and shut again before he finally spoke …

‘Is this for real?’

‘Oh yes, and it is about to get a lot more real too.’

I push him down onto the bed and a feeling so intense rises within me I struggle to place how it made me feel, the closest I could come to describing it was having a need to devour him. He looks so fucking sexy lying there in nothing but my panties, his erection attempting to burst forth from the flimsy material. There are so many ways I want to have him and so many paths I hope this first experience tasks us down that I am close to bursting from overexcitement.

‘Do you want to see how wet you make me when you’re dressed like this?’

‘God yes.’

He’s started to sound more certain, more relaxed and I hope that when I straddle his face and tastes my arousal and has it spread across his face he will let go of any hints of doubt he might still be harbouring. I remove my clothes before lowering myself onto his mouth, facing his body so that my hands can wander and my mouth too if the fancy takes me.

He is well versed in delivering pleasure with his tongue, and even though my being in control of our sexual encounters is rare it doesn’t alter his ability to make me come. If anything I come quicker and harder than ever, the sight of him lying beneath me, those panties constantly demanding my attention, his cock twitching, pre-cum creating a wet patch on the lace, it all pushes me into a climax that rushes through me before I’ve even had time to consider it was beginning. As I lift myself off him his hands try to pull my hips towards his mouth again and the noise his makes when I wriggle free has a definite air of petulance to it.

‘No, it’s your turn now. I want to watch you ruin these panties.’

He groans and props his head up with pillows so he can watch as my hands and mouth tease his cock through the fabric. There’s so much I want to do, but keeping it short and sweet seems like a safer option, I’d rather leave things with the promise of more than going too far and never get another chance to see him in panties again. With that in mind, I wrap my fingers around his cock, savouring the noise he makes as I do so.

I move my hand slowly, up and down his length, his hips trying to encourage me to increase my speed, but I hold back, issuing a request for stillness, which to my delight is obeyed. Despite the unusually slow speed, his body is showing signs that he is getting closer to climax, just as he is moments away my hand stops and his eyes flash open, he’s halfway through saying something, I suspect ‘what the fuck’ when my hands resume this time with more vigour.

I stop and start a few more times, edging him closer and closer to orgasm, after the first couple of times he catches on to my intention and stops looking terrified that I’m going to abandon him before he’s spunked in my pretty panties. The look of frustration on his face is glorious and I wonder how it took me so long to attempt to create in him.

I remove the panties from him and consider the fact that next time he should wear some other lingerie too. Stockinged legs or a crotchless bodystocking would be a wonderful addition to this scenario. Once I’ve hooked them off his feet, I trail the panties across his cock, his head moving from side to side as he moans with the desire to come, his hands gripping the sheets, knuckles white as the tease continues.

The combination of lube, hand and panties probably looks messy and uncoordinated to the untrained eye, but my eyes are delighted as I fuck his cock with my hand, watching as his muscles tighten and his face contorts, his cock pulsing beneath my palm as it prepares to spill what appears to be a lifetimes worth of jizz into my panties, which I conveniently placed for just this eventuality.

‘That was amazing.’

‘Good. But we really do need to talk about you wearing my panties. You’re stretching them all and I’ve hardly got any left that fit. Now be a good boy and get the laptop so we can order you some of your own.’

Again the speed at which he complies fills me with joy and I suspect something wonderful is beginning to unfold.

Inspired by this weeks Wicked Wednesday prompt of ‘Playful’ and the Kink of the Week theme of Men in Panties.

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